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Name: Luke Armstrong
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Expert in emergency fire and water restoration services, fire cleanup and water damage cleanup, mold removal, as well as commercial and residential cleaning services, including carpet, upholstery and furniture cleaning. Contributor to several restoration and cleaning blogs.

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Prevent Water Damage from Melting Snow


For those living in the northern states, warmer temperatures can never come soon enough. But while we may be prepared for the snow to melt, is your home or building ready too? While warm temperatures are just around the corner, weak building materials and lack of planning can result in significant damage to your home …

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How to Remove a Sink Stopper


While we all generally know that nothing else but water is supposed to go down the drain, other small objects and debris can slip down there on occasion. Thankfully, the sink stopper can prevent these things from falling down, but it can also get in the way when trying get the junk out of the …

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Ice Dam Removal Tips


During the winter, icicles are a common sight along the roof lines of homes and buildings.  In fact, the image of icicles lined up along a building is one of the first that comes to mind in relation to the winter season.  As charming as icicles look along your home, they are typically the sign …

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Tips for Choosing a Quality Janitorial Service Company

As a business owner or manager, your office space or showroom gives off the first impression to prospective customers about your business. If your business space teeters on the side of filthy rather than pristine, you stand a good chance of losing valuable business. Plus, an unkempt office can be demoralizing for employees. By maintaining …

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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

So you’re dealing with water damage – the last thing you need to add to your growing laundry list of weekly tasks. The first questions that come to mind are “can this be covered under my homeowner’s insurance policy?” and “if it isn’t how much is this going to cost me?” Then the influx of …

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Christmas Tree Fire Safety Tips


While they don’t occur very often, Christmas tree fires can be deadly, lighting the entire home on fire with just one spark. But the majority of them occur when the tree hasn’t been watered in days – when it is fully dried out. Don’t let your Christmas celebrations result in a disaster after forgetting to …

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Reasons for a High Water Bill


While the costs of water will fluctuate between each city, it’s not one that we really have a choice of paying or not. But when you notice that it’s outrageously high, obviously something must be wrong. So instead of calling your water company about the possible error, check to see if you have an internal …

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How to Prevent Mold in the Winter

Mold is a common issue for homeowners, no matter what the season. Winter, however, produces a different set of circumstances that make the contamination of mold within a home very likely. Residential homes tucked away in high-snowfall areas seemingly experience an increase in moisture during the cold season. The heavy snow produces moisture that can …

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How to Prevent Smoke from Coming Out of the Fireplace


Winter is fast approaching, and the balmy indoors are starting to once again appear very appealing. If your home features a fireplace, you may decide to make use of it in the cool season. After all, what could be better on a blistering winter day than cozying up to the warmth of a blazing fire …

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How to File an Insurance Claim for Fire and Smoke Damage

While many of us have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policies that cover fire damage, deciding what to do after a property fire can be daunting. But property owners aren’t just dealing with damage from the flames, they will find that their building materials and contents will be covered in an oily, thick residue from smoke …

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