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What to Do When the Toilet is Overflowing


When your toilet overflows, it can spur incredible angst and anxiety. Your eyes glaze over as you watch the water slowly fill to the rim then spill over the top onto your bathroom floor. A toilet overflow can be dreadful, especially if it is a recurring problem. Several factors can cause an overflowing toilet: A …

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How to Handle a Flooded Basement

Because there are so many possible sources for water damage, it is almost impossible to prevent it altogether. But when natural disasters occur or incredible amounts of rain seep into the foundation, they will eventually find their way to the basement. Even if you are lucky to have a sump pump, it will be no …

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Water Damage and Insurance Companies: What you should know

Water damage within the home is a common occurrence and can be caused by a number of different factors from flooding and heavy storms to burst pipes and appliance leaks. Many cases of water damage are also accompanied by insurance claims but not all types of water damage are covered by homeowner’s insurance. Damages that …

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Severe thunderstorms caused flooding

Severe thunderstorms caused flooding on streets throughout the area in Northeast Ohio in May, 2014. The ServiceMaster Restore by Angler team has been called to a cat loss in Cleveland. They were requested by ServiceMaster corporate to help mitigate the flood victims. Check out photos of some of the aftermath from the storm   

Do You Need Professional Help When You Have Water Damage in Your Home?

Water damage in your home can be more than just a mess. Standing water can weaken your home’s foundation. After the flood waters recede, mold, bacteria, and other contaminants can cause serious health problems – especially for the elderly and young children. Cleaning up quickly after a flood is essential to limiting water damage, but …

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How to remove rust stains from bathroom areas

Brown stains in the bathroom? They’re never good to look at, especially when such marks are visible to guests. Since rust thrives in environments where water residue and air moisture are always present, the typical bathroom becomes a breeding ground for rust, especially in obscure areas, such as beneath the basin or bath. Regular house …

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Preventing Water Damage In Your Home

There are many different ways to find water leaks in your home.  The following are popular appliances and places that can cause water damage in your home. Refrigerator Water Damage –    If you believe the leak is coming from the back, it may be from the icemaker valve.  When the fridge is sending water to …

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Water Damage Clean Up or Restoration services – What’s the difference?

Water damage is “any water that causes the usefulness, or future use or value of any property to become impaired by water.” For example, if a gallon of water is spilled over a hundred square feet of carpet, it will do little damage. If an aquarium breaks on the same carpet, it will certainly cause …

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Repairing Water Damaged Homes

Disaster strikes!  Mother Nature is once again determined to make her mark — this time on your home!  What do you do when it’s time to return after she has chased you out of your home with a flood?  Your kitchen sink plots against you, running stealthily all night long, leaving you to the nasty …

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Wish List for Your Home and Office – Water Damage Restoration

Pipes burst?  Flood damage?  Did you leave the water running?  From Mother Nature to faulty memory, water damage can be one of the worst dramas for a homeowner to deal with — which is why listed below are the top three ways to cut down on the potential damage. #1:  Find out where the water …

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