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Reasons for a High Water Bill


While the costs of water will fluctuate between each city, it’s not one that we really have a choice of paying or not. But when you notice that it’s outrageously high, obviously something must be wrong. So instead of calling your water company about the possible error, check to see if you have an internal …

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Water Damage Clean Up or Restoration services – What’s the difference?

Water damage is “any water that causes the usefulness, or future use or value of any property to become impaired by water.” For example, if a gallon of water is spilled over a hundred square feet of carpet, it will do little damage. If an aquarium breaks on the same carpet, it will certainly cause …

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Winter Storms are Coming – Seal Your Home from Water Damage


The first snow has already started in some areas of the United States this season! While there have not been any reports of snow blizzards or heavy accumulation just yet, this is definitely a great time to begin putting together a plan of attack to combat water damage from melting ice, blowing snow and winter …

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Easy Money-Saving Tips for Homeowners – 4 Things You Can Do to Prevent Water Damage

Your home is one of your most valuable assets. To protect your investment, it is important to be on the lookout for issues that could potentially turn cause expensive problems in the future. One of the biggest oversights in a home is water damage. This could include damage to the walls or floors due to …

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Restoring Your Home From Mold Caused by Water Damage

Until you’re faced with the harsh reality of the health problems associated with mold growth in the home, you might not think of mold as being as devastating to you as fire or water damage. The truth is, mold is a second-most and even more troublesome invader. Consider the following scenario: Flooding occurs in your …

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Restoring Your Home After Water Damage

Whether you experience three inches or three feet of water in your home from flooding, basement backup, heavy melting ice, or maybe a burst pipe, the event is always devastating. First, you’re struck with panic over what to do and where to start. Then you’re consumed by disappointment at the sight of your damaged belongings. …

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Water Damage Cleanup Service Costs

After a flood, burst pipe, or roof leak, getting your property restored quickly is a top priority. Removing standing water and drying out your property is key to minimizing water damage and avoiding problems with mold growth later on. Finding a water damage remediation service that works within your budget is just as important. While …

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