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Month: June 2020

Cleaning and restoration tips, Sewage Cleanup, Water damage restoration

7 Tips on How to Clean Up After Sewer Water Damage

Water damage on its own is an emergency disaster that requires immediate attention. However, when the water damage involves sewage water, there is even more that you need to be worried about. When water damages your property, any porous building materials and furnishings absorb the excess water and moisture. However, when the water is contaminated with sewage, then the materials also absorb the harmful contents of the sewage water. Because of this, they suffer even more harm as damage comes from both the water and the sewage. Knowing this, you will need to take immediate action if your home or business suffers water damage from sewer water. Use the following information to help you figure out how to go about sewage cleaning: 1.      Be Safe While it is important to take immediate ...
Can Carpeting and Rugs be Saved After a Flood?
Carpet Cleaning, Cleaning and restoration tips, Water damage restoration

Can Carpeting and Rugs be Saved After a Flood?

When your home experiences a flood, there is a lot of damage you need to worry about. The building materials that make up your property's structure absorb the excess water, which can make it unstable. But then there is also the damage to your personal content, including clothing and furnishings, that you need to attend to. Your home's carpeting and rugs are among the items that can sustain the most harm in a flood. Because they are on the ground, they are not only the first items that the flood will affected, but they can also sustain more damage. And though this can make saving carpeting and rugs more difficult, it is not impossible. Saving Your Carpeting In the event of a flood, your belongings—including wet carpeting and rugs—are salvagable. However, to do so, there are various...