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Avoid These 7 Top House Cleaning Mistakes and Do the Job Faster

By Luke Armstrong

Cleaning the house is a chore that must be done to improve the appearance of your home and contribute to a healthier environment, but it is also a chore that most homeowners do not want to spend a lot of time doing.  House cleaning involves many smaller tasks such as floor and carpet cleaning, dishes, laundry, dusting, window cleaning, and cleaning plumbing fixtures and appliances among others.  Completing each of these smaller tasks efficiently is the key to quick house cleaning but there are several common mistakes that homeowners make that will have you cleaning for much longer than you intended.  The following are the most common house cleaning mistakes to avoid to make the job go by much faster.

Ignoring the Top to Bottom Rule

The “top to bottom” rule is an important rule of house cleaning to follow because it is the most effective way to make sure all the dust, dirt, and other debris is removed from your home.  You should start by cleaning the ceiling, light fixtures, windows, and other surfaces that are higher up in the room and work your way down to the furniture and the floors.  If you clean the floors or vacuum first, the dust from cleaning the rest of the room will settle on the floor and you will have to clean it again.

Cleaning Windows on a Warm, Sunny Day

It may be tempting to clean your windows on a nice sunny day but cleaning them on a warm day with the sun shining can actually be counterproductive.  The heat from the sun will cause your cleaning solution to dry on the glass before you can wipe it off, resulting in unsightly streaks.  Window cleaning is the most effective when done on a cloudy day or when the outside temperature is below 70 degrees so the sun won’t cause streaking.  Also, make sure you remember to clean both sides of your windows.

using a vacuum cleaner while house cleaning

Improper Vacuuming

Most household vacuum cleaners can be used for all types of carpeting as well as hard surface floors but it must be used differently to be effective on both surfaces.  The rotating brush on the vacuum cleaner should be turned off for tile and wood floors because the brush will only push dirt and dust around.  This will force you to have to go over your hard surface floors again to remove the debris.  When vacuuming the carpet, it is best to move the vacuum in parallel to the baseboards because vacuuming up against the baseboards will cause a buildup of dirt and debris.

Scrubbing Spills on the Carpet

It is a natural reaction to start scrubbing spills to avoid stains but attempting to scrub a spill out of a carpet can ruin the pile and embed the stain deeper into the fibers.  Hard scrubbing of the carpet can cause the fibers to become untwisted and allow the spill to penetrate deeper into the pile.  Untwisted fibers cannot be fixed which makes it best to avoid scrubbing your carpet altogether.  Instead, blot the spill with a white cloth and use soda water to help lift the stain.  Once you have blotted up all you can, you can try removing the stain with a stain remover product.  Difficult carpet stains can be removed by professionals that provide carpet cleaning services.

Rinsing Dishes before putting them in the Dishwasher

Rinsing the dishes in the sink before putting them in the dishwasher is a common practice but according to a study done by Consumer Reports, rinsing your dishes beforehand makes no difference.  You should make sure to scrape off excess food but any further rinsing or handwashing is not necessary if the dishes will end up in the dishwasher.  Putting your dishes straight in the dishwasher is just as effective and will take less time.

Improper Use of Cleaning Solutions

Whether you are cleaning a countertop, tile, bathtub, sink, glass, or some other household surface, it is best to let the cleaning solution sit for about one minute before wiping it up.  Wiping it up too quickly does not allow the cleaner to do its job so you may not get the full effect.  You should also be careful to avoid using too much of a cleaning solution because this is a waste of the product and could result in a sticky residue left on the surface.  Make sure that the cleaning product you choose is the right one for the specific type of surface, you can discover which cleaners work best for which surfaces by reading the labels.

Cleaning Tools

Neglecting to Clean or Replace your Cleaning Tools

Over time, sponges, washcloths, mops, and vacuum cleaners accumulate dirt, dust, and other debris that cause them to be ineffective.  It is important to remember to clean your cleaning tools such as mop heads and washcloths and you should replace your sponges regularly because heavily used sponges develop bacteria and foul odors.

Next time you decide to clean your entire house, make sure you avoid these common mistakes for quick and effective house cleaning.  If you would rather have a professional clean your home or supplement your house cleaning with a couple of extra services, there are professionals that provide carpet cleaning services and air duct cleaning services at an affordable cost.  Professional carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning services are ideal for supplementing the regular house cleaning that you are already doing.