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We understand each business or industry is unique. Proceed Innovative's experienced team of professionals creates customized integrated internet marketing solutions for your business that will help you accomplish your objectives and meet your ROI goals.

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How to Make Your Home Flood Proof

If you own a home, there are many steps to take, both big and small, to prevent flooding in your home. But before taking these steps below, it is important to assess the flood risk in your geographical area. Simply type in your address on FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management Agency) flood maps and you can …

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Common Places for Finding Leaks


Water damage is one of the most common disasters for property owners, due to the number of potential sources. But letting it go untreated is a big mistake; it won’t be long before it spreads and encourages mold growth, ultimately creating a bigger problem. Water damage can be costly to fix, but taking care of …

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How to Find a Chimney Leak and 6 Ways to Fix It

The chimney is an important part of homes and has been for hundreds of years. A warm fire in chilly weather encourages families to gather and spend cozy moments around the blistering flames. Primarily featuring brick or stone, chimneys require regular maintenance to continue providing a reliable source of warmth. When the chimney leaks, as …

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How to Handle a Flooded Basement

Because there are so many possible sources for water damage, it is almost impossible to prevent it altogether. But when natural disasters occur or incredible amounts of rain seep into the foundation, they will eventually find their way to the basement. Even if you are lucky to have a sump pump, it will be no …

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How to Prevent House Fires in the Fall

Many of us can agree that fall is a beautiful season as leaves change colors, temperatures cool down, and campfires burn in backyards. But these fun traditions also come with dangerous fire hazards, causing devastating property damage if one is not careful. The candles, burning leaves, and bonfires can quickly cause severe fire damage if …

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How to Fix Water Damaged Furniture

When a flood occurs, it can cause a significant amount of damage within minutes as you most likely have personal contents with high sentimental or monetary value. In addition, your building materials can also become warped and discolored after having contact with the water. The first step to take when finding a flood or significant …

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