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Carpet Cleaning Service Costs

By Luke Armstrong

Carpet cleaning is generally done through either chemical cleaning (encapsulation) or steam cleaning (hot water extraction). Chemical cleaning uses a liquid or granulated product to encapsulate dirt, which then dries and is vacuumed away. Depending on the cleaning product, the carpet could be ready to walk on immediately or in up to two hours. With steam cleaning, water is forced into the carpet fibers, which loosens dirt and is sucked back out. The floor will be left wet for 6-24 hours, depending on weather conditions.Most wall-to-wall carpeting used today is synthetic and can be cleaned by either method, according to The Carpet and Rug Institute. Wool or specialty rugs should follow manufacturers’ cleaning guidelines.
Carpet Cleaning
Factors Affecting Carpet Cleaning Cost

Carpet cleaning services price based on either square footage of carpet cleaned or the number and types of rooms being cleaned.  Number of stairs, furniture moving, and stains can also influence the final cost of your carpet cleaning. Multiple-room discounts are available  from many cleaners. The more rooms added, the better the per room cost.

Price Range for Carpet Cleaning Service

Most carpet cleaning services charge a minimum of $75-$109.  Chemical cleaning a 900-square foot two-bedroom apartment (about 650 square feet of carpet) can run $124-$240.  A 1,300-square foot single-story home (about 975 square feet of carpet) costs $186-$390. A 2,200 square foot, two-story home (about 1,700 square feet of carpet) would average $323-$600.  Steam cleaning is a bit less expensive.  Steam cleaning the same apartment runs $100-$208. The single-story home would cost about $150-$304; the two-story home, about $180-$544.  An online calculator can help estimate costs.

Optional Services

While most light furniture is moved at no charge, each carpet cleaning service has it’s own furniture moving policy.  Furniture cleaning is also available through most cleaners.

Pre-spotting and deodorizing will be necessary for stains, odors, or pet urine in the carpet.  Some carpet cleaning services offer free pre-spotting and deodorizing.  Otherwise, stain removal varies according to type and size of stain; it can run an additional 10 cents per square foot ($30 for 300-square feet). Deodorizing averages 5 cents per square foot ($15 for 300-square feet).

If you’re shopping for carpeting cleaning services, can help you locate the best service provider in your area.  Search by state, city, or ZIP code and read customer reviews about carpet cleaning services in your area.