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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning – Choosing a Service Provider

By Luke Armstrong

Most experts recommend professional carpet and upholstery cleaning every 12 – 18 months. Regular carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning will keep your floors and furniture looking like new  Plus, professional  carpet cleaning services  create a healthier indoor environment by removing dirt, dust and allergens.

Here are some things to think about when choosing carpet upholstery cleaning:

Carpet cleaningWhy use a professional carpet cleaning service? 
While it may seem cheaper to do it yourself rather than hiring a carpet cleaning service, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning provides value in the long run.  While renting cleaning equipment may have a lower initial price, most people overlook the time and effort required to do the job, as well as the difference in quality provided by professional carpet upholstery cleaning.

What are the provider’s qualifications? 
ServiceMaster has a nationwide reputation for quality carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning .  Our specialists are trained in the most effective carpet and upholstery cleaning methods and have the proper equipment to do the job right.

What services are offered? 
Our carpet cleaning service includes inspecting and vacuuming your carpets, pre-treating spots, professionally cleaning the entire area and returning furniture to its original position.  High traffic areas such as stairs and hallways are given special attention as part of our carpet cleaning services.  ServiceMaster upholstery cleaning technicians have the special tools and know-how to carefully and safely clean a wide variety of furniture fabrics.

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