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How to Remove a Sink Stopper


While we all generally know that nothing else but water is supposed to go down the drain, other small objects and debris can slip down there on occasion. Thankfully, the sink stopper can prevent these things from falling down, but it can also get in the way when trying get the junk out of the …

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Ice Dam Removal Tips


During the winter, icicles are a common sight along the roof lines of homes and buildings.  In fact, the image of icicles lined up along a building is one of the first that comes to mind in relation to the winter season.  As charming as icicles look along your home, they are typically the sign …

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How to Clean Outside Air Conditioner

Now that summer is winding down and so is your outside air conditioner, it’s probably full of dirt and dust particles from being used so often. While regular air conditioning maintenance is not always common, frequent cleaning can extend its lifespan, allowing you to save a pretty penny from your hard work. As there are …

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Humidity Problems and Property Damages

Humidity problems can be the worst. While temperatures may not appear to be hot on the thermostat, the moisture in the air can make it feel 10x worse. Those who live in the Midwest are especially aware of these dreadful conditions as we are all blasting our air conditioning or are out at the pool …

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Hoarder or Not? The Difference between Hoarding and Clutter

The possession of material goods has been seen as a sign of prosperity and high social status for many centuries and in many cultures. Even though religions all around the world have always denounced the accumulation of material objects and advocated for modesty in housing, clothing, and food, only recently has the concept of minimalism …

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How to Dry Wet Carpet

There is nothing fun about having a wet carpet, especially when getting feet and socks wet when stepping in it. To make matters even worse, the combination of water, carpet fibers, padding, and baseboards provide the perfect environment for mold to develop. While you may not notice it at first, it can spread to cause …

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What Home Inspectors Look For

It can be exciting to start a new chapter in life when putting your house up for sale. But what many first-time home owners do not realize is that there are many processes, requirements, and hidden costs that come along with putting the house on the market and hiring a real estate agent. One example …

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Caring For Your Commercial Rubber Flooring

Flooring technology has made major strides in durability over the past few decades, but wear and tear still take their toll, especially in commercial buildings. That’s why it’s vital to take a few preventative measures and know how to clean rubber flooring to protect your investment and keep it looking great. Keep sidewalks, driveways and …

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Maid Services

Thorough house cleaning requires time and effort and if you have a busy schedule, you may not have enough of either to adequately clean your home yourself.  Many homeowners in this position may consider professional house clean service to keep their homes consistently cleaned and maintained.  While a professional maid service can do wonders to …

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How to Remove Cooking Grease Stains from Protein Fire Damage

There’s nothing like having a home-cooked meal with your family and friends. Certainly, using the oven or stove provides healthier dinner options than the microwave, not to mention it tasting better. However, there are many risks associated with stove and oven cooking. If the cooking food is left alone at any point in time, there …

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