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How to Find a Chimney Leak and 6 Ways to Fix It

The chimney is an important part of homes and has been for hundreds of years. A warm fire in chilly weather encourages families to gather and spend cozy moments around the blistering flames. Primarily featuring brick or stone, chimneys require regular maintenance to continue providing a reliable source of warmth. When the chimney leaks, as …

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Most Common Causes of Water Damage


Water damage can occur anywhere at any time, but you may be surprised that many floods and excessive damage are caused by the same source. This blog will discuss the most common causes of water damage, how to prevent it, and the professionals to call to have it cleaned up. The most common causes of …

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8 Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage


1. What causes water damage? Unlike wind damage, water damage comes from a wide variety of sources. Heavy rain in a short amount of time, a broken pipe, a backed-up sewage line, and a leaking appliance are all common sources of water damage. No matter how excess water gets into your home or business, the …

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Prevent Water Damage from Melting Snow


For those living in the northern states, warmer temperatures can never come soon enough. But while we may be prepared for the snow to melt, is your home or building ready too? While warm temperatures are just around the corner, weak building materials and lack of planning can result in significant damage to your home …

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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

So you’re dealing with water damage – the last thing you need to add to your growing laundry list of weekly tasks. The first questions that come to mind are “can this be covered under my homeowner’s insurance policy?” and “if it isn’t how much is this going to cost me?” Then the influx of …

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How to Handle a Flooded Basement

Because there are so many possible sources for water damage, it is almost impossible to prevent it altogether. But when natural disasters occur or incredible amounts of rain seep into the foundation, they will eventually find their way to the basement. Even if you are lucky to have a sump pump, it will be no …

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How to Fix Water Damaged Furniture

When a flood occurs, it can cause a significant amount of damage within minutes as you most likely have personal contents with high sentimental or monetary value. In addition, your building materials can also become warped and discolored after having contact with the water. The first step to take when finding a flood or significant …

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Is Flood Insurance Included in Homeowner’s Insurance?

Other than property fires, experiencing a flood can be one of the most stressful problems for home owners. All porous materials, including wood, drywall, and fabrics will quickly sustain permanent damage if they are not treated by a flood cleanup professional. In addition, your contents can also become ruined without treatment. Although water damage restoration …

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Fixing Water Damaged Ceiling: Water Restoration

Especially if it is in an open area, a ceiling with a patch of water damage can really detract from the aesthetics of an entire room. If there are multiple spots in a commercial building, it can impact the first impression of a customer or client. But many property owners shy away from the hassle …

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Preventing Water Damage In Your Home

There are many different ways to find water leaks in your home.  The following are popular appliances and places that can cause water damage in your home. Refrigerator Water Damage –    If you believe the leak is coming from the back, it may be from the icemaker valve.  When the fridge is sending water to …

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