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Christmas Tree Fire Safety Tips

By Luke Armstrong

While they don’t occur very often, Christmas tree fires can be deadly, lighting the entire home on fire with just one spark. But the majority of them occur when the tree hasn’t been watered in days – when it is fully dried out.

Most property fires occur during the holidays. Stay safe this year by following these Christmas tree fire safety tips.

Don’t let your Christmas celebrations result in a disaster after forgetting to water the tree. Here are some Christmas tree fire safety tips to remember when setting up, decorating, and maintaining this beautiful decoration.

Tree Fire Safety Tips

In order to minimize the risk of a Christmas tree fire this year, follow these holiday fire safety steps and you can carry on to having a merry holiday.

Proper Live Tree Care

After picking up the perfect tree from the best vendor, make sure that it is properly maintained and “fed” in order for it to last past Christmas. Soon after bringing it into your home but before picking a spot, make sure that it has a fresh cut on the bottom, about an inch above the old base. Then place the tree in a proper holder, ensuring that the reservoir is large enough and can hold enough. Remember that it will absorb the most amount of water on the first day, sometimes up to a gallon. Just be sure to monitor it frequently and check that it has enough water.

Use Tap Water

The most important step to avoid a Christmas tree fire is to water the tree every day.

While some homeowners believe they will have the best results with various products to preserve its freshness, plain tap water will do just fine throughout the holidays. Such products include aspirin, sugar, and other chemicals; however, they don’t work and can even prevent the tree’s ability to absorb the water, provoking a hazard for everyone.

Monitor Frequently

The best way to take care of a tree is to treat it like a bouquet of flowers; it needs to be cut and watered frequently in order to look beautiful. The tree is also considered fire-resistant as long as it has enough water to “drink” from everyday. But even if it becomes dried out for a period of time and then provided with water, it may not be able to absorb the moisture like it did before. You would know beforehand when the tree is shedding its needles.

While it would certainly be inconvenient for taking the tree down in this situation, replacing it is still more cost-effective than replacing destroyed building materials and contents after a holiday fire.

Finding the Best Spot for the Tree

Finding a spot that is “out of the way”, away from fire hazards, and where it can still be enjoyed can be difficult, especially in a small home or apartment. But consider putting it near a wall or corner where it is least likely to be bumped into and/or knocked over. Make sure that it is away from candles, hot air ducts, fireplaces, wood stoves, and not touching electrical outlets; this will also help to preserve its freshness.

Lastly, ensure that the lights used to decorate the tree are in good condition and are turned off every day and night before going to bed or work.

Importance of Watering Trees

While a frequently-watered tree shouldn’t pose a risk because it is fire-resistant, forgetting to fill the bowl everyday can mean the end to all holiday celebrations. Because it can be easy to get caught up in holiday plans, such as baking, decorating, cooking, shopping, and other family traditions, most property fires occur during the holidays. While it is important to celebrate these traditions, don’t forget about the most important tasks – watering the tree.

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To minimize your risk of this happening, put a reminder on your phone or note on your mirror every day to water the tree before going to work. This will ensure a safe and happy Christmas for you and your loved ones!

Fire Damage Emergencies

While Christmas tree fires don’t happen frequently, they are often the cause of numerous holiday fires for property owners. In the event of a holiday fire, don’t hesitate to contact an emergency fire damage restoration service. In order to remove soot and smoke residue from the building structure, contents, and even Christmas gifts, don’t hesitate to contact your local provider.

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