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Caring For Your Commercial Rubber Flooring

By Luke Armstrong

Flooring technology has made major strides in durability over the past few decades, but wear and tear still take their toll, especially in commercial buildings. That’s why it’s vital to take a few preventative measures and know how to clean rubber flooring to protect your investment and keep it looking great.

commercial rubber flooring - mondo

  • Keep sidewalks, driveways and other entrance areas free of sand and other debris. Shoes pick up tiny particles and carry them inside where they wear down rubber floor tiles over time. Use walk-off mats both inside and outside of doors to catch debris and clean them frequently.
  • Cleaning rubber floors is simple. Sweep or dust mop once or twice a day using a flagged brush or a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar.
  • Mop using plain water or use a floor cleaner with a neutral pH. Strong solvents like acetone or turpentine will damage your rubber flooring. For tough areas, use a deck scrub brush with soft bristles and a diluted, mild alkaline cleanser. Be sure to rinse well. Clean scuff marks with a towel and water or use the diluted alkaline cleanser. Rinse and dry the area well.
  • Rearrange furniture occasionally so wear patterns won’t develop on commercial rubber flooring. Use casters no less than three inches wide under furniture legs to prevent indentations. Chair mats under desk chairs, including those with roller casters, will keep flooring looking newer longer.
  • Keep rubber flooring dry, unless it’s being used in a designated wet area like a pool deck. Wipe up water immediately and use fans to completely dry the area to prevent mold growth. Use “wet floor” signs to alert others about the potential of slipping. If mold grows on commercial rubber flooring, use a disinfectant spray with a pH between 10.8 and 11.8 or a mixture of four ounces of bleach to 60 ounces of water. If using the bleach mixture, rinse well.

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Installation costs vary, depending on the square footage of the room(s) where the flooring will be installed. According to, the national average to install flooring was $2,856.