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Disaster Restoration

By Luke Armstrong

When you are affected by a natural disaster such as a flood, fire, or wind storm, your life can seem like it’s on hold long after the event itself is over. Restoring your home or business is an important step toward getting your life back to normal. It is essential that you call in a professional disaster recovery service as quickly as possible, especially if there is water damage to your property.

Disaster TipsWater Damage Restoration

When a pipe bursts or the roof leaks, it is essential to begin the restoration process as quickly as possible. A disaster restoration team will begin by removing any standing water. Next, they will inspect your property for structural damage to the roof, wood, or drywall and recommend a repair strategy. Finally they will dry and dehumidify your property to prevent mold growth. Find out what you can do to minimize damage before the disaster recovery service arrives.

Flood Restoration

Flood damage involves more than simply removing standing water. Mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours. There may be backed up sewage lines or electrical hazards to contend with. The professional disaster recovery services at are experts in flood damage, and will inspect your property for structural damage as well as hidden flood damage that could cause problems with mold growth and rusted pipes months after the flood event. Thinking about tackling a flood restoration project yourself? Ask these three questions before you begin.

Fire Restoration

Recovering from a fire involves more than just putting out the flames. There are often structural problems, as well as water damage. A professional disaster restoration service will inspect your property for structural damage and assess which of your possessions can be repaired and advise you on which things should be replaced. Learn more about choosing a fire restoration specialist.

Whatever disaster you face, the sooner the disaster recovery service begins restoration, the better their chances of saving your property and possessions. The professionals at usually arrive on site within three hours of your initial call, and they always coordinate directly with your insurance company.