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Tips for finding a fire damage restoration company

By Luke Armstrong

Surviving a fire is a miraculous thing, but after the smoke has cleared you’re going to have a lot of cleaning up to do.  There are numerous companies that specialize in cleaning and restoration, but finding the right one can be stressful – especially after a traumatic experience.  Cleaning up after a fire may seem simple, but once you get started you will probably realize that the process is multifaceted and that you’re to need professional assistance.  To help you during your recovery, we have compiled a short list of tips to help you find the right fire damage restoration company in your time of need.

House on fire1.  Assess the situation

This is a good first step when dealing with any life changing situation.  After your home or building has experienced a fire, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and to act without thinking.   Before you even call a restoration company, you should assess the situation.  Figure out what you can do on your own, and identify what damage requires professional attention.

2.  Understand the process

Fire damage restoration can be pretty involved, and so you want a company that knows how to handle every aspect.  After your fire, major issues will most likely include:

Soot Cleanup:  Make sure to find a fire damage clean up company that can perform water-free soot removal, as soot is oil-based and water will only make it spread and stain.

Extinguisher Cleanup:  If you are able to find out which extinguisher type was used on your fire, make sure to ask your potential restoration company if they are able to handle this type.  If you don’t know what type of extinguisher was used, make sure to let the company know this too.

Water Cleanup: It is very likely that water was used to extinguish your fire.  Water can actually cause just as much damage as fire, by eroding building materials, creating mildew, and shorting electrical circuits.  Make sure to hire a restoration company that knows how to handle water damage.

Odor Removal:  Fire damage is visually arresting, and during recovery you will likely overlook the fact that your home or building smells like burned up chemicals.  This is not a smell that you want to keep around, so make sure your potential fire damage restoration company is properly versed in deodorizing treatments and ventilation.

3.  Ensure a reasonable price

Fire restoration can be very expensive – especially if you jump into it panicked and uninformed.  To ensure minimal fire damage cleanup cost, educate yourself with internet resources, such as the tips provided here.  Even just knowing the industry lingo can get you a discounted rate.  A good restoration company will be sensitive to your needs and will understand that you have just undergone a very traumatic experience.  Chose a professional company that is willing to work with you and understands the sensitive nature of your situation.  Cleaning up after your building or home has been destroyed can be difficult, but if you make the effort to become informed the process will become that much easier.

Blog contributor: ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration, Atlanta GA