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Fire Damage Costs

By Luke Armstrong

Fire damage costs can vary widely depending on the type of fire and the size of the damaged area. After the fire marshal declares your home or business safe to enter, do not move items or attempt to clean until your insurance agent has a chance to review the damage and take the pictures he’ll need to complete your claim. Factors Affecting Fire Damage Cost

Fire damageThe most important factors that affect the cost of fire damage repair are the size of the burned area and the type of materials that burned. Damage from a small, fairly contained stove fire will be less expensive to repair than damage from a more extensive kitchen fire. Simple fires that consume natural materials such as dry grass produce less soot than house fires that consume a variety of synthetic materials. Cleaning soot is difficult and time consuming, which raises the overall cost of cleaning fire damage.

Price Range For Cleaning Fire Damage

Costs for cleaning fire damage can range from $2,000 to $5,000 for a simple stove fire to $10,000 to $30,000 to rebuild a typical kitchen after a more extensive fire. If the fire damage goes beyond a single room, you may be faced with rebuilding your home, with costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

Optional Fire Damage Cleanup Services

The services you’ll need from a fire damage cleanup service depend on the extent of the fire damage. If smoke or ash penetrated the HVAC system, that will need to be thoroughly cleaned and deodorized to prevent smoke particles from being blown back into the house.

Depending on the method used to put out the fire, there may also be water damage to repair. Furniture and other possessions damaged by smoke, soot, or water may need to be removed to an off-site cleaning facility. Finding a fire damage cleanup service that you can afford is simple when you use the directory at Read customer reviews to find the best fire damage repair service in your area and avoid unreliable or overpriced companies.