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Fire Damage Restoration – Choosing a Service Provider

By Luke Armstrong

Choosing a fire restoration service provider is an important decision.  You need to start the fire clean up quickly because fast action cleaning fire damage can minimize your losses after the fire gets extinguished.  However, you want to be sure your fire damage restoration is done by a qualified fire damage repair specialist .

Fire DamageQuestions to ask when choosing a fire damage cleanup provider include:

What are the provider’s qualifications? 

ServiceMaster fire restoration service technicians have the training and experience necessary to get the job done right.  They have the licensing and insurance required by the municipalities in which they operate, and are backed by ServiceMaster’s nationwide reputation in fire damage restoration.

How quickly can they begin service? 
ServiceMaster can typically schedule emergency fire damage cleanup within three hours of your initial call, 24/7, every day of the year.

What process is used for fire clean up? 
ServiceMaster fire damage restoration starts with a structural evaluation of major components of your residence, such as the roof, walls, flooring and insulation.  Fire damage cleanup also includes removing smoke damage and repairing water damage from putting out the fire, and fire damage repair of personal property.

Will the provider work with your insurance company?
Our goal is to bring you peace of mind after a fire, so ServiceMaster will work with your insurance company throughout the fire clean up to help coordinate the fire damage restoration.

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