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Flood Damage Cleanup – Should You Hire a Professional?

By Luke Armstrong

Restoring your home after a flood is a complicated project. Depending on the severity of the flood, you may have to deal with structural damage, electrical damage, and potential health hazards. Before you begin a DIY flood cleanup, ask yourself these questions:

Cleaning help neededDo you have the time?
Time is crucial in a flood damage cleanup project. The longer your belongings sit in water, the worse the damage will be. Can you take several days or weeks off work to clean water and mud out your home, then dry and restore your belongings? When you hire a professional flood restoration company, you can focus on getting your personal life back to normal and know that the flood damage in your home is taken care of.

Do you have the expertise?
Flood cleanup involves more than just pumping out the water and letting things dry out. During the cleanup process, you will need to manage the weakened structure of your home, mitigate health hazards from bacteria and mold, and decide what can be saved and what must be thrown away. Only then can you begin the flood repair work to make your home livable again.

Do you want to do the work?
Flood cleanup is dirty, often dangerous work. After the crisis of a flood is over, do you want to face the job of cleaning dirty water and mud out of your home, sorting through your belongings and deciding what can be saved? The emotional impact of flood cleanup can be significant, and can interfere with other aspects of your life. Hiring a professional to do flood damage cleanup is an investment in your mental and emotional well-being.

Finding a reliable, qualified flood restoration company doesn’t have to be complicated. Visit to find a professional flood restoration company near you.