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How to Clean Leather Furniture

By Luke Armstrong

Leather furniture – chairs, couches and more that we really enjoy in our homes – need good care to keep them looking like new. The following tips will give you a few ideas you can use when cleaning leather furniture:

  • Before you begin the cleaning, you will need to make sure you understand the type of leather your furniture is made of. You will have to check to see the tags of the makers for more information on the way it may be treated and cleaned. They will contain directions that should not be ignored, as most retailers and manufacturers will give you the information you need to make cleaning less of a chore. Before you move on to using any specific cleaning products however, you should make sure you test them on a smaller patch of the furniture to see whether there are any changes in color or its looks. An upholstery furniture cleaning company can give you a professional advice.
Leather Furniture Cleaning
Leather Furniture
  • Careful and regular cleaning will help keep your leather clean and lasting longer. You can start the cleaning by using a vacuum to clean the small particles and dust, then follow by using a damp cloth. Make sure you use a gentle cleaner or simply use soap and water to clean the surface of the leather when you work. Use a new cloth if possible, and then follow that up with a softer cloth to buff it to perfection. Once you do so you can apply some leather conditioner to add moisture to it.
  • Avoid using water to clean grease stains on leather. You can remove the grease with a dry cloth in most cases. Ink stains can be removed by using rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, just make sure to dry the area as soon as possible to avoid damaging the leather. If you have any dark stains that simply can’t go away, try cleaning by using tartar sauce and lemon juice in equal quantities rubbed onto the area. Let it sit there for about ten to fifteen minutes, then clean it up with a wet cloth and soap.
  • There are also some things you will need to avoid, such as the typically abrasive cleaners that may damage the surface of the leather. You will also need to avoid oily polishes, as they may leave the surface pretty sticky and unpleasant. Another thing worth mentioning is to avoid exposing the leather to direct sunlight whenever possible, as it will dry it out and possibly form cracks in time.