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Hurricane Safety Checklist

By Luke Armstrong

Many people feel staying in and protecting their homes during a hurricane is the best idea. You have no control over weather, especially when it is as severe as a hurricane. Evacuate quickly and ensure that friends and neighbors follow suit. Hurricane safety is not to be taken lightly. To find more information about your state’s hurricane evacuation plans follow up with FEMA.

Be ready if a hurricane or a tropical storm strikes. Below are hurricane safety  tips and checklist to keep you and your family safe during hurricane season.

Storm DamageHave a hurricane safety kit:

– Non-perishable food
– Can opener
– Gallons of water
– Blankets/Sleeping bags
– Pillows
– Bug repellent
– Batteries
– Flashlight
– Utilities (toilet paper, tooth brushes, shampoo)
– Tarps
– Family prescriptions
– First-aid kit
– Documents (credit cards, birth certificates, social security cards)

Have an evacuation plan:

– Secure your home as quickly as possible. You should have board-up wood ready to go
– Make sure to have your hurricane safety kit ready to go
– Evacuate immediately, don’t wait to the last minute. The sooner you can leave your home the better.
– Have a full gas tank when evacuating
– Ensure that all family and friends in your area are evacuating as well
– Take all cellphones and keep in constant contact with family members to let them know you are safe
– Keep in mind many shelters don’t allow animals during your stay. Contact an animal shelter to ensure the safety of your pet.

Have a board-up plan:

– Lock all windows and doors
– Draw drapes and close blinds
– Board up windows
– Secure furniture and other objects (decorations, potted plants)
– Turn off all electricity, water, gas

Make sure your city deems it safe to return home. Mud slides, downed power lines, floods and structural damage may make it impossible for residents to return immediately to their home. Hurricane safety is very important during these times

In case of flood, fire or other damage to your property contact your insurance company and find a professional water damage or fire damage restoration company near you.