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Mold Allergy Cleaning Tips

By Luke Armstrong

Mold allergies happen to be a problem for most of us who have asthma and other breathing-related issues. Make sure you have a clean and healthy environment and your living space is safe from the triggers and mold itself. These tips will help you in the process:

Kitchen cleaning

To keep mold away from your kitchen make sure you have proper ventilation. If you don’t have an exhaust fan for your stove, install one as soon as possible. This will help to absorb moisture from cooking. Place all your trash in a good and insect-proof trash can. Discard and throw away any items that are out of date to avoid mold in the fridge. Once you’re done cooking wipe away any remaining moisture to ensure you have a clean and dry kitchen, making sure you never create conditions for mold growth. Empty your fridge and wipe the insides, making sure you replace any moldy rubber seals. Scrub and sanitize your fridge on a regular basis to keep it clean and mold free.

Mold Cleaning

Cleaning living areas

Place your box springs, pillows and mattresses in dust mite proof covers. Wash your linens and blankets with hot water to sanitize. Clean the carpet weekly to eliminate dust and dirt in your home. Use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning and you will have better results. Wash your area rugs and floor mats often as well. Use synthetic fabrics or cotton for your curtains. Keep the windows closed during spring and summer when pollen is everywhere and use your air conditioner. Take antihistamines if you need to during those seasons, but first of all keep your home pollen free. You may wear a mask during the cleaning process if you’re allergic to bleach or other cleaners or you can simply have someone else do the cleaning for you instead.

Keeping dust under control

Remove all items that easily collect dust and are hard to clean. Small decorations and other knick-knacks are hard to clean. Put all your toys, plush toys and board games in a closet, as leaving them in the open will only make it hard to clean.