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Mold Remediation – Choosing a Service Provider

By Luke Armstrong

Mold remediation requires the skills and training to find the source of the mold, clean up the problem and take steps to prevent future occurrences. Mold is a type of fungi that can grow on wood, carpets, paper, insulation or many other organic substances with a combination of suitable temperatures, moisture, and oxygen.  Mold damage restoration is important because untreated mold can pose a variety of health risks, including asthma and allergic reactions, and it can significantly decrease property resale value.

Mold cleaning tipsBefore contracting for mold cleaning services and mold damage restoration, homeowners should get answers to these questions:

What is the provider’s experience in mold mildew remediation? 
ServiceMaster mold remediation specialists are experts at finding and cleaning mold sources and helping to prevent future mold problems.  They have training in mold damage restoration and are backed by ServiceMaster’s nationwide reputation for mold cleaning services.

What is the process for mold remediation?
Mold and mildew remediation begins with finding the sources of the mold, which can be hidden behind drywall, under carpets or in pipe chases.  ServiceMaster’s mold remediation experts will inspect and evaluate the specific moisture problem, and then complete mold removal remediation .

What safety measures are used during mold removal remediation?
Our mold cleaning services include drying the moldy surfaces and disinfecting damaged areas. ServiceMaster technicians then dispose mold contaminated materials in sealed bags/sheets as part of the mold and mildew remediation.  Proper disposal of contaminated materials to prevent releasing mold particles into the air is an important part of mold damage restoration .

Does the provider offer other mold remediation services?
ServiceMaster’s mold removal remediation plan also offers tips on preventing future mold growth, such as fixing water leaks, controlling humidity and maintaining proper indoor air circulation.

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