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Moisture and Mold Removal and Control Tips

By Luke Armstrong

Mold is a fatal spore that is usually accompanied with mildew that causes major problems. When it comes to mold removal and mold remediation, any materials; such as carpet or sheetrock are highly porous and must be removed immediately. These products can not be cleansed effectively and must be removed and replaced.

As the season for spring cleaning or cleaning for the holidays draws near, it is best to hire professionals; such as those from service master and These professional are highly skilled, trained and certified to deal with mold and other issues within the home. During these hectic times of cleaning, mold and other spores are likely to appear. Vacuuming can cause greater exposure to these deadly and harmful spores; leaving these toxic particles in the air for several hours. It’s best to use vacuums that are equipped with HEPA filters or filtration vacuum bags in order to cease these issues.

Mold CleaningMold cleaning does not have to be a strenuous and frustrating task if it is taken care of in a moderate time frame. Mold is a stubborn spore that can remain within the home, business, or other settings as long as the conditions are right. If this issue is not handled properly, you could be facing an infestation problem later on down the line. It is important that you realize how dangerous and toxic mold is, and you should take the necessary precautions to prevent mold.

The best successful way to complete a mold clean up session is to first, identify the source of the mold and begin to quarantine each section of your home or business. Since this lethal spore only takes one day to germinate, you will need to take immediate action to catch the problem before it starts or has the chance to escalate.

In order to quarantine a room, you will need to use heavy sheets of plastic to cover doorways, vents and any other openings that you may have present in your home. This plastic is needed so these spores will not travel through vents, through the air and other means of travel to infect other rooms within your home. It’s a good idea to place an exhaust fan near or in an opening that leads outdoors; this is done so that the spores will be safely eliminated from the room.

In order to cleanse any visible mold, use a sponge and warm soap water. In some cases, these areas will be dry; and in this case, you can faintly use a spray bottle to wet the area and cleanse it.

When you have completed these steps successfully, you will need to spray any type of disinfectant to eliminate any remaining spores. When you have completed your mold clean up and removal procedure, place any sponges, rags, cloths; and any other materials that were used to clean up mold in a heavy duty trash bag and dispose of it immediately. Mold cleaning should take place in every household at least four or five times per year to ensure cleanliness and prevent mold infestations.