Pack-Out and Content Restoration

Disaster doesn’t discriminate, and it doesn’t tend to give a forewarning.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone to protect your home, anything still can (and often does) happen!
Flood damageIf the damage is bad enough to cause structural damage, companies coming in to start repairs often offer the option of having everything removed in what’s known in the insurance industry as a pack-out.  They remove the contents of your home or office to another location for cleaning while the space itself is restored.  This is the first step in restoring your items to their best possible condition, and it should be done immediately after whatever water or fire damage has occurred.

Items that are often affected and need to be cleaned or restored include — but aren’t limited to:

* Artwork
* Documents
* Books
* Photographs
* VHS and DVD media
* Clothing
* Electronics (televisions, computers, stereos, etc.)
* Furniture
* Rugs
* Retail inventory

Who can you recommend for Pack-Out and Content Restoration?

RestorationMasterFinder.com is a great resource for reliable pack-out and content restoration in your area.  Simply visit the website, select your state from the menu and click on the featured service provider closest to your home.
RestorationMasterFinder.com features ServiceMaster experts for everything from pack-out to content restoration services across the nation.  These highly trained technicians are ready to handle emergencies around-the-clock, or schedule appointment times at your convenience!

About the author

Luke Armstrong

Expert in emergency fire and water restoration services, fire cleanup and water damage cleanup, mold removal, as well as commercial and residential cleaning services, including carpet, upholstery and furniture cleaning. Contributor to several restoration and cleaning blogs.

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