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Easy Money-Saving Tips for Homeowners – 4 Things You Can Do to Prevent Water Damage

By Luke Armstrong

Your home is one of your most valuable assets. To protect your investment, it is important to be on the lookout for issues that could potentially turn cause expensive problems in the future. One of the biggest oversights in a home is water damage. This could include damage to the walls or floors due to a natural disaster (which resulted in flooding) or a leak in your home that lead to water damage.

Here are four steps you can take today to prevent water damage to your home, courtesy of State Farm:

Flooded house1. Replace deteriorated caulk around sinks, and check the pipes under the sink for leaks. A slow-draining pipe may indicate a partially blocked drain that needs cleaning.

2. Check hoses regularly for bulging, cracking, fraying, and leaks around hose ends. Replace the hose if a problem is found or every 3 to 5 years as part of a proactive maintenance program. To help make sure the hose doesn’t kink, leave at least 4 inches (or 11 centimeters) between the water connection and the back of the washing machine.

3. Make sure everyone in your household knows where the water shutoff valve is and how to open and close it. Check it frequently for problems, and shut off the water if you are away from your home for several days or longer.

4. Keep the roof free from leaves, twigs, and other litter to allow for proper drainage. Clogged gutters can easily lead to poor drainage, which in turn can lead to leaks in both the walls and at the foundation. Also, replace missing, curling, cupping, broken, or cracked shingles.

What should I do if I have water damage?

First, contact your insurance agent to see if any of your water damage can be covered under your policy. Second, contact a professional water damage restoration service to check for mold and expertly repair any water damage to your home.

Who can you recommend for water damage cleanup? is a great resource for reputable water damage cleanup in your area! Simply visit the website, select your state from the menu and click on the featured service provider closest to your home. features ServiceMaster experts for everything from water damage cleaning services to mold remediation and fire restoration services across the nation. These highly trained technicians are ready to handle emergencies around-the-clock, or schedule appointment times at your convenience.

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