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3 Reasons to Contract with a Professional Cleaning Service

By Luke Armstrong

The thorn in the side of most hosts and hostesses for a large party is deep cleaning their home in advance and afterwards. A high traffic area, such as the kitchen, can take hours alone. When you are preparing your home for sale, you are inviting potential buyers in for open houses every weekend, which is very similar to having a party. You want your home to appear perfect and clean, as this will be the first impression one has about the space.

Do you have time on Fridays to clean your home extensively… every week until your home is sold? If not, it may be time to contact a professional.
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Week 4 – 3 Reasons to Contract with a Professional Cleaning Service

Can you budget for a professional cleaning service? Here are three reasons why it may make sense for you:

1. A professional cleaning service uses the appropriate products to clean your home

How much time have you spent in the grocery store reviewing the cleaning products to determine which ones work best on granite, hardwood and glass. Will they scratch your surfaces? Are the fumes too toxic? Will it clean old and heavy stains? No need to worry about this when you hire a professional cleaning service. They are experts when it comes to cleaning hundreds of surfaces correctly and efficiently. Most services also carry environmentally- and pet-friendly products to protect the health of all your family members.

2. A professional cleaning service remembers what you forget

Because you live in the home, you view the entire space with restricted vision. This means, you may notice that your floor needs to be vacuumed, but you may not consider that you have cobwebs in the corners of your front door. You may surprised on what details a potential home buyer may pick up on during their first walk-through, so don’t leave anything to chance.

3. A professional cleaning service cleans the same way each time

Depending on the amount of time (or energy) you have when you clean your own home, you may omit the dusting or mopping the bathroom floors or cleaning out the microwave. A professional cleaning service will send the same 2-3 individuals to your home each time. This serves two benefits: these individuals remember the layout of your home and their efforts are duplicated, so the whole house is cleaned correctly each time.

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