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Why Should You Use a Professional Restoration Service Before Presenting Your Home for Sale?

By Luke Armstrong

Imagine yourself preparing for a job interview. When deciding what to wear in order to make a good impression, would you grab a wrinkled pair of khakis and a polo shirt out of the hamper, comb your hair, grab your padfolio and go – confident and ready to impress? We hope not. Instead, you probably would have carefully selected an ensemble ahead of time that’s fresh and pressed with shoes to match. You’ll no doubt clothe yourself in this up-to-date garb after you’ve showered, brushed your teeth and styled your hair. You’ve paid attention to all of the details in order to show a potential employer you care and that you have put effort into impressing them.

The same thoughtful care and preparation that impresses a potential employer is the same attention to detail and care that potential buyers want. If you’ve taken the opportunity to professionally restore and/or clean your home before showing it, they’ll surely notice.

Consider the fact that almost any home lived in for a while will show wear and tear on carpets, walls, furniture, etc. The everyday use will prove greater in a home with small children, pets, home businesses, smokers, or messier-than-average inhabitants. The wear and tear, especially what’s oblivious to you and in plain sight, can be a real turn off to potential buyers conducting a walk-through. It’s a stranger’s wear and tear, not your wear and tear. Potential buyers think to themselves, “how could someone let this go?” or “how would I get rid of this mess?” It’s sometimes impossible for buyers to focus on any positive features of a house if they are veiled or overwhelmed by a cloud of negativity brought on by unattended damage or dirtiness. You can ace the interview with a good appearance. And you can show a better home to buyers when you seek the advice of professional restoration and/or cleaning services. Put them into action and watch your home not just show well – but show off–to buyers.

House CleaningProfessional Cleaning Services to Consider

Before showing your home, the first professional cleaning services you should automatically act on are the two most visible – carpet and upholstery.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Like skin to the human body, the flooring of your home is its largest organ. In other words, there’s no escaping it – and if it looks bad, there’s no hiding it. Carpet cleaning is crucial to making a good first impression and persuading lookers to make an offer. No potential buyer wants to have to replace carpeting and they will get suspicious if you have wall-to-wall area rugs to cover bad spots! For a high-end carpet, the square foot price can be expensive, especially for the stain repellent variety.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Professional upholstery cleaning is also essential. Most likely you will stage your home with your own furniture that you will take with you when you move, so the benefits are two-fold: You are in a better position to impress buyers if you have clean-looking, cared for furniture, and you avoid bringing something dingy into your new home.

Clear the Air with Potential Buyers

Another important professional cleaning service you should consider is air duct cleaning. This is a great service for those selling their home, or for anyone in their own home, even more so if a family member has allergies. A home without this type of cleaning might have air duct build up that could result in a potential buyer experiencing a terrible allergy flare up during a walk-through. Nothing will inspire them more to “just get out” than an uncontrollable fit of sneezing or worse. A buyer with allergies may not give a thought to the fact that restoration services can remove such allergens – they may be so irritated by the allergens, bronchially and otherwise, that they leave your house and its dirty air ducts “in the dust.”

Professional Restoration Services: When Clean Just Can’t Cut It

You may have a lovely home featuring incredible architecture, ample space in a great location, and a heartbreaking case of smoke damage in the kitchen due to a grease fire.

Or, your pride and joy, the custom-made wine cellar in the basement, may have not so miraculously turned the wine into water after a season of torrential rains caused major flood damage.

In both of these cases, restoration cleaning is not only recommended to make your house marketable, it is more than likely going to be mandatory in order to pass inspections, should you get an offer on your house. You will definitely be in a better position to receive close to your asking price if you restore such damage and seek professional cleaning services before you show your home.

Restoration cleaning includes, but is not limited to: water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, mold remediation, flood damage and disaster restoration. Whether the cause is unexpected and occurs after your house is on the market, or is the leading cause of you deciding to sell, professional restoration services, and subsequent professional cleaning services are a must to get your home in a suitable condition to attract buyers.

Lastly, remember that humans are visual creatures with a profound appreciation for aesthetics. If you notice unkempt or unsightly defects in your home, chances are potential buyers will too—even things that you may overlook because you think, “that’s what a house looks like when it’s a home”. Remind yourself that you want it to be someone else’s home, and that they need to visualize the house in its most pristine state to appreciate the possibilities it holds – free from the distraction of damage and the deterrent of dirtiness or unhealthy conditions.

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