ServiceMaster DSI is Ready for the Spring Weather

The spring season has finally come to save us from the brutal winter weather but spring rains in the Chicago area could cause problems such as flooding. Last April, the Midwest received record rainfall which contributed to flooding across the region including parts of Missouri and Illinois. ServiceMaster DSI is prepared to handle water damage restoration and flooding cleanup services this season for the Chicago suburbs.

Flood Damage Help

Each branch of ServiceMaster DSI has been mobilized to respond to flooding emergencies due to the heavier rainfall and is in “mini-cat” mode. In the month of April, ServiceMaster DSI has already reported over 1100 water losses, 812 of which came after April 17 which is when the spring rainfall began. It is important for homeowners to watch for flooding as the rain falls this spring and act quickly if flooding is discovered in their home to help limit the damage.

Flooding is not the only spring weather condition that could cause problems for homeowners; the likelihood of a tornado also increases during the spring. Tornadoes can cause all sorts of destruction to homes and properties and ServiceMaster DSI is prepared to react to emergencies involving severe damage from tornadoes. The tornado season has started out slow so far but according to Leo Fabi, a spokesperson for Disastersurvival.org, the severe weather could pick up. “Mother Nature has a mean way of catching up rather quickly. People need to start thinking about severe weather safety even though it’s been slow. You should not be complacent because of the unusually cold weather and tranquil tornado count.” Tornado season peaks for Illinois between April and June.

As we get deeper into the spring, be prepared for possible severe weather and make sure to have a plan in place for your safety. While we hope that our communities do not experience disasters from extreme weather, ServiceMaster DSI is prepared to provide relief for any disaster the spring may bring.


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