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Stain removal techniques – laundry soap and water

By Luke Armstrong

There is nothing better than the old fashioned ways of removing a stain. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways despite all technological and scientific advancements! Removing stains can be a tricky task, especially when there are thousands of different ways to do that. It is essential to know the most effective way to remove stains in times of emergency. The soap and water method is often preferred over chemicals on certain materials because chemicals can damage the material.

Cleaning stains

Nowadays the soap and water method is not used very much in cleaning, though people should give it a try. For example, the method is great for cleaning tough stains on natural fibers, like blood from cotton or linen, and those can really be hard to clean stains. If you are worried about damaging the garment, or if the garment is made of wool, silk, cashmere or any other extremely delicate fabric, then be careful as you proceed with the cleaning, so you don’t end up with an item that you can’t wear anymore! If the garment is prone to bobbling just be gentler than you might be with a tougher fabric. Using laundry soap will give you a much better result than other soap bars, as it does not contain the hydrating elements that soaps made for human skin do. The laundry soap is perfect for cleaning stains from clothing, and can even be used on upholstery, depending on the fabric.

This cleaning process relies mainly on friction. Simply lather up the stained area after you have flushed it with water. When possible wear gloves to prevent the cloth from rubbing too hard against your hands. If the stained area is small, then a using a clean toothbrush for rubbing may be a better choice. When rubbing try to sustain the staining pigment within itself and prevent it from spreading on to the cloth or fabric. When done rubbing, flush the area with cold water to check as to whether the stain has been removed, and if not, reapply the soap and continue rubbing but be careful to not tear the fabric.