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Dryer Fire Prevention Tips

Everyone will need to use a washer and dryer at some point; gone are the days that we wash everything by hand. But keeping these appliances in good condition as well as maintaining the safety of your family and home are crucial. Here are some dryer fire tips to keep in mind to prevent the risk of disasters. Installation by a Professional To ensure that your dryer is installed properly, it is best to have it installed by a professional technician. They will be knowledgeable about numerous units, including those that use gas and electricity as well as how they work with washers. They will also be familiar with the manufacturer’s instruction manuals, including installing a vent pipe. If asked, a professional can explain how preventing bends in the pipe will reduce the amount of lint ...
Dryer Fire Prevention
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Dryer Fire Prevention

There are many common causes for fires within homes and buildings. From overheated circuits to kitchen fires, theycan be almost impossible to prevent altogether. But what is most important in preventing these natural disasters before they happen is being aware of all possible causes and hazards within the home. One of the many common causes includes dryers. Not many individuals are aware of the dangers they are posing towards their home and pets when leaving the home with the dryer running. If at any time the air ducts, filters, or vent becomes blocked, the machine can quickly become overheated and start a fire. If you have already experienced a dryer fire within your home, don’t hesitate to contact your local ServiceMaster. Emergency fire damage restoration services will be neede...