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Safety Tips to Prevent Space Heater Fires

With the severely cold temperatures that winter brings, keeping warm is a priority to stay safe and healthy. To protect yourself against the cold, you can bundle up with warm clothing, heavy jackets, and other winter accessories. When staying indoors, the best ways to stay warm are to turn on the heat or even cozy up in front of the fireplace if you have one. Some parts of a property can be more difficult to warm than others. However, it is not practical to increase the overall temperature in your residential or commercial property just to accommodate one area. In such a situation, a space heater can solve this issue because it allows you to provide supplemental heat for a certain area without having to adjust the overall temperature of the property. As with any...
Restoring Fire and Smoke Damage in the Kitchen
Cleaning and restoration tips, Fire Damage Restoration

Restoring Fire and Smoke Damage in the Kitchen

  The kitchen is one of the most aesthetic and active areas of the home. It’s a place to entertain, cook, and even eat for some families. This room is essentially the heart of all homes, which is why a fire in this area can be the most devastating. Even small fires in one area of the kitchen is enough to cause and spread severe damage and interrupt daily activities. The most important action to take after a fire is to ensure the safety of yourself and loved ones. Ensure to create and practice your fire safety and escape plan frequently with your family so everyone knows what to do if a fire breaks out. But after extinguishing the fire, you need to start taking action to limit and clean up the damage. Here are some tips on restoring fire and smoke damage in the k...