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Upholstery Cleaning Tips

By Luke Armstrong

The condition of the upholstery in your home can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of a room. When upholstered chairs or couches begin to look grey and dingy, you might be tempted to replace them. However, upholstery cleaning by an experienced professional can go a long way toward restoring your furniture to its original appearance.

Keep your upholstered furniture looking new by following a regular schedule of preventative maintenance and removing stains promptly.

Preventative Maintenance

Weekly vacuuming is crucial to maintaining your furniture’s appearance. Many modern upholstery fabrics are treated to resist stains, but dust, pet dander, and other airborne particles can become embedded in the fibers. Use a soft brush to loosen the fibers and remove any loose dirt, then vacuum.

Stain Removal

Time is a crucial factor when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning. As soon as a spill occurs, blot it up with a clean towel. After the liquid is removed, use a mild detergent or a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to remove the stain. To remove urine or blood stains, use an enzyme-based cleaning solution. These formulas break up organic stains at a molecular level to remove both the visible stain and any odors associated with it.

Once you have removed the stains from your upholstery, you may find that certain odors linger. Sprinkle baking soda over the upholstery and leave overnight. Vacuum thoroughly the next morning. Baking soda absorbs most odors, and will leave your upholstery smelling fresh.

Always test any detergent or other chemicals on a hidden part of the upholstery to verify that the detergent will not discolor the fibers.

Furniture CleaningHiring a Pro

When you have your carpets cleaned, ask about including your upholstered furniture in the quote. A professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service will extend the life of your home’s textiles and keep them looking newer. The best way to find a great carpet and upholstery cleaning service is through the customer recommendations on Actual customers, not employees of the cleaning company, write these unbiased reviews. Once you have found several highly-rated carpet and upholstery cleaning services in your area, call and request a written quote. This will help avoid hidden fees and misunderstandings.