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Why Tile and Grout Surfaces Should be Professionally Cleaned

By Luke Armstrong

The holiday season is quickly approaching and now is a perfect time to get a jump start on getting ready.  There’s so much to do, with decorating, gift buying, cooking and of course, house cleaning. Face it, there’s no putting off cleaning the tile and grout any longer. Sure, you can get out the old toothbrush and spray cleaner and get on your hands and knees to scrub at the floor tiles and shower walls, but it’s a messy, back breaking job and who has the time? Tile and grout cleaning may sound like a do it yourself job, but that’s actually better left to professionals. Here are four reasons why it’s better to let the experts clean your tile and grout.

Tile and Grout Surfaces should be Professionally Cleaned

  1. It saves time and effort. There’s enough to do this time of year, so if there’s something that can be outsourced, why not do it? Professionals have the proper equipment and cleaners to pretreat and clean stains and grime. Baseboards and corners are cleaned and the entire area is dried and sealed so you have time to do other things.
  2. Grout is porous. It’s a compound made up of sand, water, cement and color and tends to lock onto dirt. Regular household cleaning techniques tend to push dirt further into the grout, which only makes the problem worse. Professional water extraction pulls the gunk out.
  3. Grout’s porous nature also means it’s a haven for bacteria and mold, which leads to further discoloration and odor. Regular household cleaners hide the smell for a short time while the problem continues to worsen, and they do almost nothing about stains.
  4. Household cleaners can emit dangerous fumes. Even if you don’t have breathing problems, these fumes can irritate your lungs, or those of your pets. Some contain acids that can ruin your tile and damage your skin. Homemade cleaning “recipes” found online can be even more dangerous.

If you’re ready to check something off the holiday “to-do” list, call a reputable tile and grout cleaner like ServiceMaster of North Texas. If they could only help with Black Friday shopping.