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Finding Hidden Mold in Your Home

By Luke Armstrong

We all know that mold can be lurking wherever there is moisture and darkness, such as basements and crawlspaces. But there are other places in which it could be growing that you may never even find until you search there yourself. But if you or anyone in your home is experiencing severe allergy or respiratory problems, check out the following hidden places where it can thrive in your home:

  • Front-Loading Washing Machines: Because the gasket around the washing machine door is always wet after the door is closed, any lint added will quickly cause spores to develop and grow. Before you know it, you may see blackness around this area. To avoid this, either leave the door open when you are not using the machine or dry it off after each use.
  • Mold on the Wall
    Do you know which are the most common places you can find hidden mold in your home ?

    Wallpaper: Unless if you remove the wallpaper yourself, you may never even notice the mold spores developing behind it. A common sign that there are spores growing is if it is peeling at the edges or it is turning yellow in specific areas. When this happens, you will want to get it removed right away and have it replaced. If you find a large amount of mold in this area, be sure to have a professional mold remediation company come in as soon as possible to sanitize the affected area.

  • Refrigerator Drip Pans: as the spaces behind or underneath the refrigerator are always dark and can easily collect moisture, these will harbor the perfect conditions for mold. Now that spring is here, be sure to check this area when you do your spring cleaning. If it does not contain mold, clean it thoroughly and dry any remaining moisture or condensation.
  • Window Sills: Especially with humid conditions during the rainy season, condensation will quickly build between the walls and windows. Dirt, dust, and bacteria will also latch on to the water that has built up in this area. Before this happens, you will always to want to check all seals and window sills to see if any wood or drywall has been damaged by the moisture that has seeped in.
  • Rugs and Carpets: As any moisture that is brought in from foot traffic or even leaving the door open will accumulate within the carpet fibers, mold will be able to grow easily. In addition, if you have pets that have accidents on the floor, bacteria can build up and allow the spores to develop. If you notice a musty smell, be sure to first check the areas that are most prone for mold growth.
  • Air Conditioning Units: The A/C unit will trap any pollen and dust while accumulating moisture from the air. To avoid this, run the unit at least once every day during hot and humid times, not only to keep the house cool, but to prevent mold in the unit, air ducts, and drain pans.
  • Chimneys: If the chimney contains any leaks on the top, it will quickly accumulate large amounts of water from the rain and snow. In addition, dirt and leaves are likely to become trapped in these areas, creating the perfect environment for mold. In addition, the porous surfaces, such mortar and brick will make matters worse, allowing the mold to spread even further. If this does happen, be sure to call your local mold removal company.
  • Attic: This is actually one of the most prevalent areas for mold growth to occur. If there is any leak in the ceiling, the combination of dirt, dust, and water will only result in mold in a matter of time. The only way to be safe from this problem is to ensure that there are not leaks in the roof.

Mold Remediation

While it is important to monitor these areas that are prevalent to mold, sometimes it has spread too far to be removed with household products. In addition, they can also trigger severe allergic reactions and respiratory problems if the spores are in the air. As soon as you find mold growth or are suspicious of it growing in your home, be sure to call a professional mold removal service. Restoration contractors years of experience in completely removing all traces of mold, including the source. With their services, you won’t only find that the area is completely clean, but those battling allergies will notice a significant difference in the indoor air quality.