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Mold-Killing Natural Recipes

By Luke Armstrong

Mold and mildew can be the bane of any home during the humid months in many places. In some cases you might find green mold growing or even worse – the dreaded and life-threatening black mold as well! Dehumidifiers can help to prevent mold growth in some cases and also there are ways to destroy most common molds with no danger and without using harsh chemicals, such as bleach. The following simple recipes are something you can easily use to get the job done.

For the most part people have figured out three well-known natural ways of dealing with mold: Vinegar, grapefruit seed oil and tea tree oil. Each substance has its ups and downs, they all work and have varying levels of effectiveness against mold. For example, vinegar is a cheap and useful substance capable of killing a bit over 80% of most commonly known germs and mold. Tea tree oil is more expensive, however it is capable of killing mold and fungi on a much larger scale on contact, with the added benefit of being non-toxic to humans. Grapefruit seed extract has no smell and has the ability to kill mold as well, but is also fairly expensive to work with.
Mold Cleaning LadyMold can be very dangerous to your overall health, even if you don’t suffer any allergies. A lot of people may become tired and depressed when inhaling mold spores of dangerous varieties, regardless of their overall health, and those are only the most mild and harmless of all effects capable of occurring in a mold-infested environment. Other common symptoms may include flu-like symptoms and irritation of the eyes, as well as increased irritability. Make sure you dry out anything damp and wet before you even begin hoping to fight mold, as well as any leaks. Any measures taken will lessen the risks greatly. Next, we begin with the first of our recipes:

•    Using Tea Tree Oil

A spray made of tea tree oil can be a true destroyer of mold. You can use it on moldy ceilings, leaking roofs, musty furniture, rugs and shower curtains as well as pretty much any surface. It may bear a hefty price tag for the amount you will purchase, but it works very well. It smells but the smell will go away in a few days. The cleaning recipe includes the following:
2 teaspoons of tea tree oil
2 cups of water

These can be combined in a spray bottle and simply sprayed over the mold areas. The mix will kill mold and keep it that way for a long time.

•    Using Grapefruit Seed Extract

The use of this extract instead of tea tree oil can give you an odorless solution to mold-killing. All you have to do is mix the following and spray it on the moldy surface:
20 drops of the extract
2 cups of water

•    Using Vinegar

Using just vinegar can kill up to 82% of most common types of mold. All you have to do is put white distilled vinegar in a regular spray bottle, then spray the affected area and wait for 10 minutes before rinsing. The vinegar smell will dissipate in a few hours.