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A clean carpet can make all the difference in a room. No matter how often you clean, if the carpet is dingy and stained, the entire room will feel grimy.

Home CleaningHow Often Do My Carpets Need Cleaning?

Regular vacuuming is essential for maintaining cleanliness and removing dust, allergens, and soil. Determine how often your carpets need vacuuming by evaluating the level of use. A single non-smoker living alone with no pets probably only needs to vacuum weekly. A large family with several children, multiple pets, or smokers may need to vacuum daily.

In addition to regular vacuuming, most carpets require deep cleaning every 6 to 18, depending on the level of traffic and use. If your family includes young children or pets, or you live in an area where dirt is tracked in from outdoors, you may need to clean more often.

There are several signs that it’s time to hire a carpet cleaning service:

  • Discoloration. If your carpet no longer looks like it did when it was new, even after thorough vacuuming, it’s probably time for a deep cleaning
  • Matting: If your carpet is matted down from traffic, a professional carpet cleaning will restore it to its original plush texture.
  • Periods of Extreme Use: If you host several holiday parties every year, have recently finished toilet training a toddler or house training a new puppy, your carpets have probably taken a lot of abuse. Call a carpet cleaning service to restore them to their original look and feel.

Several models of home carpet cleaning machines are available, or you could rent a carpet cleaning machine, but these machines are underpowered compared to professional models. Your carpets simply won’t get as clean using these DIY alternatives. They are suitable for occasional or maintenance cleaning, but are not powerful enough for deep carpet cleaning.

How Can I Find A Reliable Carpet Cleaning Service?

Carpet cleaning services’ websites only tell you half the story. Customer reviews and referrals are the only way to really know how thorough and reliable a carpet cleaning service is. The reviews at RestorationReviews.com are unbiased and written by actual customers. You can hire a carpet cleaning service with confidence when you base your decision on the experiences of current and former customers.


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