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Quickly Clean Your House with These Spring Cleaning Tips

By Luke Armstrong

Although we are not quite done with winter, spring is just around the corner! As there are many chores to be done that will require both time and money, it can easily feel overwhelming. However, there is a simple way to do it just by committing to 10 minutes each day to get your house clean. If at least one chore is completed on a daily basis, you may have the entire property cleaned by the end of the month! The trick is simply to spread out the work. Check out these tips to get on the right track to a clean house in the least amount of time possible:

10 Minute Spring Cleaning Chores:

  • Wipe off the ceiling fan of any dust and dirt that has accumulated throughout the winter. Don’t forget the A/C vents, using a soft cloth or vacuum hose to remove the dust.
  • Clean off the light fixtures, removing any dust within the cracks. You might even find the room to be brighter after the job is done!
  • Empty the refrigerator of food, one shelf at a time. Unless you have the time, it is not recommended to clean the entire refrigerator as this can be tedious and repeatedly pushed back to another day. However, cleaning one shelf each day doesn’t seem so bad as it will not require much time to be done.
  • Organize the junk drawer in your house. For many homeowners, this drawer is in the kitchen. Consider buying another silverware organizer to separate the items.
  • For those of you with children, organize the toys in their room. Gather any toys with pieces, such as Legos, dollhouses, Hot Wheels, drawing materials, etc. and place them into Ziploc bags to avoid them from becoming lost.
  • Strip all of the loveseats, chairs, and couches of their slipcovers, towels (from pet hair), and pillows. Place in the washing machine and dryer. The next day you can put them back in place.
  • Spring Cleaning TipsVacuum behind, within, and underneath all furniture. These spots often go untouched throughout the winter, but it is these areas in particular that hair, dust, and dirt accumulate most rapidly.
  • Organize the medicine cabinet. This area can become particularly disorganized as medicine for the winter colds, flu, and infections have been taken out and put back most often (usually in the wrong spot).
  • Clean off the counter top of any unnecessary items. This includes throwing away the expired coupons buried underneath the flyers and newspapers that arrived in the mail three weeks ago. Be sure to shred any mail containing your personal information.
  • Change the batteries in the smoke detectors and CO2 alarms.
  • Use dryer sheets to wipe off your blinds of any dust while adding a fresh, clean smell to the window area.
  • Create a checklist to fix anything that has broken over the winter. Dedicate one day to repair at least one item each day.
  • Wipe down a set of windows each day with Windex or other glass cleaner.
  • Sanitize the bathtub to remove any bacteria and grime that has accumulated over the colder months.

As you can see, there are many chores that will need to be done in order to prepare your house for spring. However, it can be done easily if each task is taken one day at a time. As soon as you get home from work or put the kids to bed, dedicate 10 to 15 minutes to clean something and check it off this list. Now you can be prepared for spring with a clean house and spend more time outside enjoying the warmer weather!

Calling the Professionals – Hoarding Cleaning

As these tips are recommended for the average household that requires normal cleaning, others prove to be in worse condition. In these cases, following these tips may not be enough in preparing for a clean house. When dealing with hoarding, the situation may involve safety hazards, mold, a large amount of unnecessary items, biohazards, and more. Although these homeowners may not realize the severity of the situation or be too embarrassed to call for help, they will need the help of a loved one or trusted individual to reach out to professional services. ServiceMaster of Portland has been a trusted provider of hoarding cleaning services for over 60 years. ServiceMaster by JTS has also cleaned numerous homes in addition to undergoing frequent training to remain updated on the latest cleaning techniques and equipment. If you have a loved one that is severely affected by hoarding, be sure to call these hoarding cleanup services to put them on the right track to a clean, safe environment just in time for spring.