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Deep cleaning your home – 8 tips

By Luke Armstrong

Tip 1: Treat your carpets, rugs or other fiber upholstery with a homemade solution. For this, get a small bowl and add a tiny amount of a dishwashing detergent, a couple tbs. of baking soda, and stir well with hot water. If you want to deodorize while cleaning at once – you may want to add a few drops of your favorite shampoo or a scented soap, or another fragrant detergent that you can find at home, but not a perfume because it may transfer oils and colorants. If you want to clean very persistent and heavily soiled spots – a great idea is to add a few more tbs. of soda.

House cleaning
Deep house cleaning tips


Tip 2: Pre-vacuuming upholstery, floor coverings, pillows and furnishings with fabric surfaces is one of the most important steps before the deep cleaning itself. According to the stains and the dirty areas – change the nozzle position so to make sure there are no bigger sand and dirt particles, food crumbs and other bigger particles stacked within the fibers of the surfaces.

Tip 3: Apply the homemade solution right after pre-vacuuming. A simple application via clean towel might be enough just to make the stains wet, but when it comes to really heavy and persistent dirt and stains – it`s recommended to pour a small amount of the homemade solution directly onto it. Let it soak up for a couple minutes and in the meantime – prepare the tools needed for a further deep cleaning.

Tip 4: A grooming brush can do the perfect job instead of scrubbing the stains with a towel, then cleaning the towel in clean water, changing the bowls with clean water, etc. A simple grooming brush or even an old toothbrush is perfect for scrubbing the already soaked up solution in the stains. The goal is to dissolve the dirt so it mixes with the solution, but be careful not to damage the fibers especially these of long fiber carpets and rugs.

Tip 5: Wipe off the dissolved compound from the surface via clean cloth and a great idea is to prepare two clothes – one to keep it as clean as possible and another for removing the dirtiest compounds. First, begin with the dirty cloth and remove all the excess from the fibers by scrubbing the stains in different directions, clockwise, vice-versa, etc. Until the spot becomes clearer. Then, you can add another small amount of the cleaning detergent, let it soak up and once more wipe off the excess but this time with a clean cloth.

Tip 6: After the stained spot`s removed and the difference from the rest of the upholstery is only the wetness of the spot – repeat the same procedure with just clean hot water. It`s essential to remove as much chemical compounds as possible from the surface, while in the meantime ensuring a further treatment even if it`s just cleaning with water and cloth.

Tip 7: After deep cleaning, there will be a wet area and the best way to make it dry is to place the carpet outdoors if possible. The direct sunlight enhances the evaporation, but be careful not to expose your carpets, rugs and other upholstery objects on sunlight for a longer time, especially if they are rich in bright colors, handmade or with long fibers.

Tip 8: Enjoy the freshly cleaned outlook of your carpets after the deep cleaning and if you want to make them looking like new – pass a couple of times with the vacuuming machine so to ruffle the fibers. Undoubtedly, one can enjoy the same flawless effect after deep cleaning at home without calling the professional house cleaning company Fulham.