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Office Cleaning Tips – How to Keep Your Office in Order

By Luke Armstrong

A working individual spends lots of time in the office – usually around 40 hours a week. Depending on the type of work we execute, we can spend more time in the office than at home. When you spend long time sitting on a desk, the desk usually becomes messy. Did you ever search for your keys or your phone under tons of documents and paper of all sorts? In this article we will give you several very simple tips on how to keep your workplace in order. These simple tips can save you both time and nerves.

Office cleaning tipsEven though we live in an era, where most of the data that surrounds is digitalized, there are still piles of documents in the offices. You should not be an absent-minded person not to remember where you have put your, let’s say, car keys. It just seems like the paper folders swallow every small item. The key to solve the problem is to arrange the folders immediately after receiving them. This could be done easily. Just sort them and arrange them in a separate place, just for them. Install shelves on the wall or at least sort them alphabetically in file-cases.

However, the piles of files are not the only things that can usually be found on most desks. There are numerous others items, which gather with time. They vary greatly in size and utility and can seriously interrupt your work. Here applies the same principle as with the files – try to sort each item you receive in the very moment you receive it. Some items will be thrown away, of course, but better do it quickly. Among them may be items, which you actually use – for example coffee cups. But you do not actually need more than one cup or magnet business cards. Pay attention to this and you will feel more comfortable at your workplace. Not only this, but your productivity will increase as well.

Several surveys show that the electronic equipment in the office is among the biggest dust collectors and, respectively, distributors of all sorts of bacteria. One does not need surveys to see that the electronics are the biggest collectors of dust – the inside part of a computer’s hardware should be cleaned at least twice a year. However, the outside is also important, especially if you use hand creams. Because they are greasy the skin creams attract bacteria, which then stick to the keyboard of your computer and your mouse, not to mention the desk. Regularly clean your devices. It is advisory to use some alcohol for the purpose because it surely kills any bacteria.

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