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Simple Drain Cleaning Solutions

By Luke Armstrong

One of the most important parts of your home is the drainage. While it might not be the most glamorous aspect of home ownership, the ability to drain properly in your home means that you can make use of sinks, showers, baths and a myriad of other home features. With so much of the house depending on the drainage working in the correct manner, dealing with any issues that you have is absolutely essential. So if you think that you have problems in the areas of drainage in your home, what is the best way in which you can deal with these issues? Read on to discover a range of simple drain cleaning solutions.


The first step with any cleaning process is to establish what the problem might be. The tools and the methods which you use in order to resolve a blocked drain can vary depending on what is causing the issue and those who make sure that they know what they are dealing with are far likelier to find the right solution, quickly. The easiest method for doing this is to examine the uses for the particular drain in question. If it is a kitchen sink and you have recently been cooking bacon, for example, it could well be that the grease from your food has built up and blocked the drain. If it is a shower that is having issues, it could well be that there is some amount of hair which is causing and issue. When it comes to fixing the problem, examining the recent uses of the particular drain can be a great start to getting everything fixed.

The next step is ideal for those who wish to tackle the problem themselves. The first thing which you can do is to remove any visible blockages from the sink entrance using your fingers. In the case of hair or food stuffs, these can be obvious things which make a big difference. Next, boil a kettle and pour the hot water down the sink. This can move some blockages without a great deal of effort. If this does not resolve the issue, then it is time to take on the drain cleaning in a more direct fashion.

When it comes to fixing the issue yourself, one of the best things which you can do is to take a trip to your local supermarket. There, the store should have a range of products which are designed to unblock drains. The range will likely include different products for different situations and this will allow you to select a solution which is based on your particular issues. Finding one which is tailor made for unblocking kitchen sinks can be ideal for some, while one which is fine tuned for bathroom solutions might be more apt for others.

If you have tried using a variety of products but are still having an issue, then it might be time to do something a little more dramatic. For those who are willing to take on a challenge when it comes to plumbing fixtures, it can be possible to look beneath the sink and find the pipe which is affecting the drainage. By unscrewing this piece of plastic, you should be able to notice any problems and clean them out of the pipe before refitting it.

If this final step does not fix your issue, then it might be a good option to call in plumbing professionals. While there are other steps which can be employed in order to diagnose and fix the issue, they are best left to qualified experts.