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How Professional Restoration Companies Handle Your Contents after a Fire or Flood

By Luke Armstrong

Few natural disasters cause more destruction to a home than a flood or fire and they each tend to occur with very little warning.  The top priorities after such a disaster are to make sure that everyone is fine and to call for restoration services to secure your home, but what about your personal belongings within the home?  Chances are if the damage is severe, you may have to temporarily leave your home with only a few personal items.  Restoration companies that provide fire and flood damage restoration services typically provide content pack-out services to safely pack up and store your contents as your house is being restored.
Flood DamageWhen restoration crews arrive to perform water or fire damage restoration, they typically start by inspecting the property to assess the scope of the work.  Just about every job will include restoration work on structural elements and furnishings within the house but not every job will require content pack-out services.  Restoration crews will carefully inspect each structural element, furnishing, and system within your home to clean, restore, and deodorize them and help you decide whether damaged property should be salvaged or replaced.  If your home is severely damaged to the point where it is not secured or your personal belongings also sustained damage, then pack-out services will be provided to take your belongings off-site for restoration and safe storage.

The pack-out process generally includes the packing, inventory, and transportation of your contents to a secure, climate controlled facility where they can be safely stored and cleaned and restored if necessary.  As the contents are packed at your home, the technician will take a detailed inventory of all items packed and provide a copy of the inventory to you.  They will then be transported to the offsite facility where they will be cleaned, restored, and deodorized as needed and then re-packed and stored until you are ready for them to be redelivered to your home.  Homeowners should be able to access their belongings at any point during the restoration and restoration providers will generally keep homeowners updated on the progress of the restoration work.

If a disaster such as a fire or flood should strike your home, make sure that your family is safe and your home secured before worrying about your personal belongings.  If your contents need to be removed from the scene or restored, then you should inquire about content pack-out services once the restoration has begun.  Restoration service providers thoroughly inventory each item that is relocated to their facility and they transport and store them with care to keep them safe and protected.  So call a reliable disaster restoration company if a fire or flood should strike your home to have your property from the structural elements of your home down to your personal belongings completely cleaned and restored.