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What is needed to do your cleaning?

By Luke Armstrong

When you need to start a cleaning task, you have to make sure you are prepared with all the cleaning equipment and materials you’ll need at hand. Depending on what you’ll be cleaning the type of equipment and materials you will use will also vary.

It is always a good idea to have a good stock of equipment, so you do not have to go out and purchase things every time you go to start cleaning! You can then create cleaning kits fit for different tasks, so that all you’ll need to do is grab them to begin your cleaning.
Cleaning ToolsWhen it comes to cleaning equipment you will need to check the types of surfaces you’ll be cleaning, as different surfaces need specific care; you don’t want to use a scouring pad on a glass worktop, right?

Vacuum – Vacuums can pick up dust and dirt from hard and soft surfaces, from laminate flooring to carpets and upholstery. Ensure you change the height setting on the vacuum for each surface and use the extension tools and attachments for stairs and the difficult to reach spots.

Bucket – You can use a bucket for taking water to another place and do some cleaning or it can be used as a mop bucket. A more hygienic option to filling the sink and rinsing the mop in there.

Mop – There are a few different types available, ranging from the traditional to microfiber. Regardless of the one you have they are useful for cleaning numerous hard surfaces.

Microfiber cloths – These types of cloth made mostly of polyester and leave no lint behind, a great thing when cleaning! As they are a very soft cloth they are ideal for use on painted and wooden surfaces.

Scrubbing sponges – One side of these sponges has a harder ‘scrubbing’ side which are good for tackling stubborn spots while the other side is a normal sponge that can handle most spills and cleaning.

Toilet brush – Speaks for itself! Use this to clean the inside of the toilet and the rim. Only use this for the toilet so that germs are not spread.

Rubber gloves – If you want to protect your hands from harsh cleaning products or you have sensitive skin then gloves are ideal.

Once you have the equipment you will need the cleaning materials that will help do the job. There are some cleaners that are for specific surfaces and others are more general in their use.

Bathroom cleaner – This cleaner is aimed at cleaning your sink, bath, shower, etc. and killing the germs in your bathroom.

All-purpose cleaner – A cleaner that can be used on several surfaces, like sinks, worktops, fridges, etc.

Glass cleaner – For use on windows, mirrors and doors. Use a microfiber cloth or kitchen roll to clean with as this will reduce the streaks and clean the glass more easily.

Oven cleaner – Many ovens are self-cleaning these days but to clean doors and ensure the oven is in tip top shape have oven cleaner to hand.

There may be other, more specialized types of cleaning materials that you may need to purchase, like tile and grout cleaner, a grout brush and a squeegee. If you want to use environmentally friendly products then check the label when purchasing and look for the relevant symbols or designations.