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What is Considered Clutter?

By Luke Armstrong

When you do a Google search of the word “clutter,” you may find a variety of definitions that come up. You will most likely find that clutter doesn’t always include physical items, rather, it can be

Check out this guide on what is considered clutter when cleaning out your home.

negative thoughts in your mind that complicate everything else.

But overall, clutter is considered anything messy and unnecessary in your space.

While everyone’s situation will be different with different items, you will begin to notice the inessential things after reading this guide. Here’s what you can do to clean out some of this clutter to open up more space, both physically and emotionally.

What is Considered Physical Clutter?

Every homeowner will have different amounts and kinds of clutter within their home but if your items have anything in common with the list provided below, it’s time to pitch them!

  • Anything broken, not used after 6 months, or expired: moldy food, broken toys, and tattered books.

    Physical clutter is considered anything in your life that is not adding value.
  • Items in the wrong spot: kitchen utensils in the living room, winter clothes lying around in the summer time, and kids toys scattered everywhere throughout the home.
  • Items you don’t want: unwanted gifts, shoes and clothes that no longer fit, toys the kids have outgrown, and items you didn’t mean to buy.
  • Things that belong to others: books, movies, cookware, computer, etc.

Just by getting rid of half of the items mentioned above, you will start to notice all the space that cleared up. This doesn’t call for a shopping trip! But just enjoy the extra space for you and everyone else to have instead of feeling crowded with too much stuff.

Special Tip

You may have to remove physical clutter from your home to remove emotional clutter.

Not everyone can let go of physical items as easily as others. If you have found yourself at this roadblock, ask a friend to help. A family member or friend who knows you well can help to make these decisions, providing extra support to help you feel confident about getting rid of these items.

For anyone feeling overwhelmed with the amount of items within their home, meaning it’s simply too much for one person to handle, you can work with a professional cleanup service. ServiceMaster provides hoarding and estate cleaning services to remove any amount of unnecessary items within homes.

What is Considered Emotional Clutter?

While emotional clutter can seem easier to get rid of because the work is all in your head, it’s actually harder and will require physical work to remove it permanently. First, you will have to figure out what it is and then take baby steps to get rid of it.

Emotional clutter is considered anything that prevents you from happiness, success, and performing your best.

Getting Rid of Emotional Clutter

If you think about what exactly is distracting you from being happy and accomplishing your goals, you’ll find that those thoughts are the emotional clutter that need to be let go. Whether you are working too much, running from appointment to appointment, or simply can’t stop thinking about how much physical clutter you have, they all need to go.

Sit and Write Down Emotional Clutter

Any person that causes you stress is considered emotional clutter and must be removed.

The first step to get rid of the emotional clutter is to get rid of the physical clutter, such as freeing up your schedule or taking a day off to get rid of the items listed above from your home.

If you are still having trouble figuring out what kinds of emotional clutter you have, take a moment to sit down and think about it. Write down any thoughts and ideas that come to mind, even if they seem silly at first – you may realize that they’re a real problem.

When the Emotional Clutter is People

Emotional clutter in your head can even include people. If they are constantly bringing you down, creating stress, or pushing their problems onto you, get rid of them. Even if it’s a toxic relationship with a significant other, nobody is worth sacrificing your happiness or keeping you from accomplishing your goals; remove them from your life.

No matter what you have on your emotional clutter list, do what you need to get rid of it. Even if you think it’s selfish, nobody is aware of the emotional clutter in your life as much as you are, let alone try to get rid of it for you. It is ultimately up to you to make you happy and accomplish your own goals, and you have every right to do it. So don’t hesitate to do what you have to to make yourself happy.

Professional Help with Physical Clutter

ServiceMaster can help to remove excess amounts of clutter with estate cleanup services.

As mentioned previously, sometimes emotional clutter is caused by physical clutter. But if the physical clutter is simply too much for any one person to handle, you’re not alone. ServiceMaster, a professional cleanup service is always available to help remove unwanted clutter.

Whether it’s removing furniture, books, movies, or even garbage, the technicians of ServiceMaster will provide the manpower needed to get rid of all physical clutter in your life. You will be in charge of the entire process, letting the technicians know which items will be kept, donated, and thrown away. After clearing out these items, you may notice that not only have you gotten rid of the physical clutter, but the emotional clutter from being overwhelmed by too many items.

Don’t hesitate to give these professionals a call for complete hoarding and estate cleaning services.