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How Hoarding Impacts Health Insurance Costs
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How Hoarding Impacts Health Insurance Costs

Junk occasionally clutters the average person’s home. Extreme situations, however, are indications of an underlying issue. When the tendency to accumulate random possessions overtakes the home, blocking exits and entrances, causing fire hazards and creating a toxic environment, a detrimental hoarding disorder has taken grip. Hoarding Disorder Defined A hoarding disorder involves collecting objects randomly and without specific rhyme or reason. Hundreds of empty pill bottles, used cat litter, decades’ worth of old fast food receipts and plastic drinking cups, broken glass, and even animal waste may lay in a disastrous mess inside a hoarder’s home. People with a hoarding disorder may even accrue innumerable animals, like cats. Stockpiling these items severely restricts the homeowner...
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What is Considered Clutter?

When you do a Google search of the word “clutter,” you may find a variety of definitions that come up. You will most likely find that clutter doesn’t always include physical items, rather, it can be negative thoughts in your mind that complicate everything else. But overall, clutter is considered anything messy and unnecessary in your space. While everyone’s situation will be different with different items, you will begin to notice the inessential things after reading this guide. Here’s what you can do to clean out some of this clutter to open up more space, both physically and emotionally. What is Considered Physical Clutter? Every homeowner will have different amounts and kinds of clutter within their home but if your items have anything in common with the list provided be...