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How to Dry Wet Wood

Water damage can occur in numerous ways. Weather can cause water damage by way of heavy rainfall and flooding. Internal issues can cause water damage by way of pipe bursts, leaks, and other internal property issues. No matter how water damage occurs, properties are in danger. Porous materials, like wood, are especially at risk for …

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What Should I Do After a Flood?

All cases of water damage are considered emergencies, but flood damage, in particular, can be especially disastrous due to the large amount of water involved. The excess water will become absorbed by porous building materials and furnishings, allowing it to spread quickly. In turn, the water will cause rapid damage and continue to make matters …

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How to Make Your Home Flood Proof

If you own a home, there are many steps to take, both big and small, to prevent flooding in your home. But before taking these steps below, it is important to assess the flood risk in your geographical area. Simply type in your address on FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management Agency) flood maps and you can …

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7 Tips on How to Clean Up After Sewer Water Damage

Water damage on its own is an emergency disaster that requires immediate attention. However, when the water damage involves sewage water, there is even more that you need to be worried about. When water damages your property, any porous building materials and furnishings absorb the excess water and moisture. However, when the water is contaminated …

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Can Carpeting and Rugs be Saved After a Flood?

When your home experiences a flood, there is a lot of damage you need to worry about. The building materials that make up your property’s structure absorb the excess water, which can make it unstable. But then there is also the damage to your personal content, including clothing and furnishings, that you need to attend …

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Prevent Water Damage by Keeping Your Home’s Gutters Clean and Repaired

The welcome, warmer climate of spring brings with it torrential rain. Springtime downpours fall straight into a home’s gutter systems, making a clean gutter essential. The balmy temperatures of spring allow homeowners to ascend to their rooftops and bring down the host of debris that has accumulated along the gutter throughout the frosty winter. A …

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How to Safely Remove Snow from the Roof

Chances are your roof will probably not cave in from snow, but it is heavy and can cause significant water damage given the right conditions. It can also slide off if the roof is sloped and cause serious injuries to anyone standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. So to avoid the risk …

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Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing with These Tips

When temperatures sink into the 20’s and below, the chances of your pipes freezing are much higher. In fact, one of the most common disasters during harsh winters is frozen and burst pipes, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Preventing Frozen Pipes The pipes at the highest risk for freezing include those that are …

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What Causes Water Stains Near the Air Vents?


Water stains around the air vents are a common household issue. Homes in warmer climes (imagine Floridian weather or Southwestern temps), experience this phenomenon more frequently than abodes in cooler areas. While the problem leaves some homeowners scratching their heads, water stains surrounding the air vents can be easily explained and effectively resolved. Moisture is …

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5 Signs of Basement Water Damage


Due to the number of factors, basement water damage is very common. The source and amount of damage can also determine the category and class of damage. Water Damage Categories There are three categories of water damage. Category 1. The water comes from a sanitary source and is not dangerous. Category 2. This is greywater, …

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