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Mold Allergies: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

Mold spores run rampant throughout the natural environment. Decayed leaves, rotting tree stumps, and various other natural debris are consumed by mold spores in the great outdoors. The moment mold spores latch on to indoor surfaces, people with mold allergies begin to adversely react. What is a Mold Allergy? Mold spores are present everywhere, indoors …

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Benefits Of Hiring Professional Mold Removal Companies

There’s nothing quite as distressing as discovering a patch of mold in the house when you least expect it. Whether you are expecting guests over the weekend or you are worried about the health risks, tackling mold should be on top of your house cleaning to-do list. A lot of people choose to get rid …

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Restoring Your Home From Mold Caused by Water Damage

Until you’re faced with the harsh reality of the health problems associated with mold growth in the home, you might not think of mold as being as devastating to you as fire or water damage. The truth is, mold is a second-most and even more troublesome invader. Consider the following scenario: Flooding occurs in your …

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