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Sudden Death in the Home: Dealing with the Aftermath

By Luke Armstrong

Dealing with the sudden death of a family member or friend is a traumatic experience, especially if you are the first person to find them.  Elderly family members who live alone can pass away without anyone knowing for days or weeks.  Homes can also become crime scenes, when homicide is suspected.  Finding the deceased’s remains is physically and emotionally jarring experience that requires special care.  There are professional technicians dedicated to providing after death clean up services and help you and your family recover from the event as best as possible.

Death of an Elderly Person

Finding the remains of an elderly person who lives alone is not an uncommon experience.  It can, however, be quite traumatic.  When a person dies, their body starts to decompose and produce foul odors.  Depending on the circumstances of the death, there may also be blood and other bodily fluids.  Due to the personal nature of death, many people prefer to clean up on their own.  This is completely understandable.  Some people have a hard time dealing with such situations, however.  Aftermath services exist to help those who require assistance.  Our trained technicians handle all recovery situations with the utmost professionalism, discretion, and care.

Crime scene cleanup

Death at a Crime Scene

Death at crime scene can be much more traumatic than the natural passing of an elderly individual.  It also requires collaboration with law enforcement authorities.  Aftermath technicians have been specially trained to help you deal with situations of this nature.  They will work with law enforcement to ensure that all essential evidence is recovered.  They will then professionally clean and restore your home to its initial appearance.  Our technicians use professional cleaning equipment and chemicals to fully disinfect all affected areas, and they dispose of all unwanted, hazardous materials according to federal and state laws.  Technicians will also travel to and from your home in an unmarked vehicle, to protect your personal privacy.

Trustworthy Death Recovery Service

Dealing with the aftermath of a sudden death is one of the most traumatic experiences people face in life.  Comprehensive recovery entails much more than physical clean up.  As such, we can also help you and your family connect to professional counseling services that can help you understand and cope with what has occurred.  Over the years, we have directed many families and individuals to our trusted contacts.

Dealing with the aftermath of a sudden death is an experience that requires trust.  Our technicians are fully trained to protect your privacy and they understand the sensitive nature of their task.  Physical cleanup after a death in the home is just the first step towards comprehensive recovery.  Our services exist to help you begin what can be a timely process.

If you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to call Aftermath at (888) 915-7197 at any time.  Live operators are standing by and can usually send a trained professional to your home in a matter of hours.