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Kitchen cleaning – how to “green” clean a microwave

By Luke Armstrong

While heating food quickly, microwaves tend to cement food residue with each new jolt of radiation. This is why they need care and cleaning just as much as anything else in the kitchen.

Cleaning TipsMicrowave organic cleaning check list

3-4 lemons
a clean porcelain bowl
a clean kitchen knife
a clean fork
a clean microfiber cloth
a double-sided sponge

Step 1 – Prepare the lemons

While it pays to have at least 3-4 lemons on hand from the beginning, you will likely only need 2. Make 4 lemon halves by slicing the 2 lemons with a clean kitchen knife. Always ensure your tools are near-spotless before attempting any procedure.

Grab a porcelain bowl and fill a third of it with tap water.

Proceed to juice each sliced lemon half into the bowl, holding the lemon firmly over the bowl as you maximize the amount of pure lemon juice released into it. Take time to juice each individual lemon properly.

Once you’ve juiced all, proceed to place the halves face down in the bowl where they will lie submerged in the lemon juice and water solution.

Step 2 – Place the bowl with lemons in the microwave

It’s worth pointing out that you don’t need to perform any of kind of pre-wipe, or remove the dish.

Step 3 – Make use of the powerful and natural lemon juice steam

Set your microwave oven to high before setting the timer to 5 minutes. This is the fun part. Rest assured that the lemons and water are working effortlessly to produce a sanitizing steam, powerful in that it’s highly acidic. Lemons contain the most citric acid of all citrus fruits.

Without harming any of the materials inside your microwave, the citric acid will penetrate stubborn grease marks thanks to the water and heat. These two elements serve to distribute the citric acid and ease the cleaning. The lack of air in the microwave ensures high heat and steam cleaning effectiveness during the next 5 minutes.

Step 4 – Remove the lemon bowl and microwave dish

Once the 5 minutes have elapsed, wait another 5 minutes before removing the lemon bowl and the microwave dish. The extra five minute wait will save your fingers from getting burnt when removing the dishes, and also allow the microwave to cool a bit before you have a good look inside and reach stains – the temperature will remain warm, so you will still be able to take advantage of the pure lemon steam present.

For those not willing to wait 5 minutes, you’ll have to be patient. It doesn’t suffice to use oven mitts. This is because the steam itself will restrict visibility and prove very hot against your face if you try to open the microwave the moment the beeper goes off.

Step 5 – Wipe the microwave walls

Proceed to wipe off all the grease and food residue marks with a clean microfiber cloth. This is the most rewarding step of all because you will notice how easy is that job thanks to the natural solution. Wiping away even old grease stains will be easy.

Step 6 – Wipe the microwave dish

Now it’s safe to pick up the microwave dish, do so and place it away from the microwave on the kitchen table. This allows ample room to perform a thorough wipe with the microfiber cloth, wipe both sides, paying special attention to the areas that serve as grease pockets.

And you’re done, a valuable home cleaning lesson in fruit-based steam cleaning.