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Content Restoration Tips

By Luke Armstrong

When your property is affected by a disaster such as a fire or flood, the contents of your home or business will be damaged as well as the building. A contents restoration service will help you determine which of your possessions can be cleaned and restored, and which should be reported to your insurance agent as a total loss.

Cleaning peopleInventory and Pack Out

The first step in content restoration is the inventory and pack out. Content restoration usually takes place at an offsite cleaning facility where the restoration team has access to specialized equipment. Cleaning offsite also ensures that your items are not re-contaminated by water or soot.

When the content restoration professionals arrive, the first thing they will do is an inventory. This step is crucial for avoiding confusion later. You should receive a copy of the inventory that clearly states which items the restoration team will remove from the premises and which are not salvageable.


Once your items arrive at the cleaning facility, they are stored and re-inventoried. Specific cleaning procedures will depend on the type of item and the damage it has sustained. Once each item has been cleaned and deodorized, the contents restoration service will store it in their secure warehouse until your home or business is restored and you are ready to move back in.


Most content restoration services include delivery in their service charges. The content restoration team will arrive at your new or restored property and unpack your cleaned items. You should inspect each item as they unpack it. If you are unsatisfied with the condition of your item, speak to the head of your contents restoration team about your concerns. Compare the list of delivered items to your initial inventory to ensure that nothing has been lost.

Your content restoration team may inform you that some items that were removed to the cleaning facility were later determined to be a total loss. This is normal. The team will return these items to you for inclusion in your insurance claim.