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How to Winterize a Gas Grill

By Luke Armstrong

In the rush to get your home and yard ready for winter, don’t forget about your grill! After using it over the summer, it will need some cleaning and preparation for winter. But don’t wait until the last minute or cut corners as it may lead to damage and shorten its lifespan. Besides, nobody likes cleaning or fixing a grill during a snowstorm.

Cleaning and fixing components on your grill will prevent damage and corrosion during the winter.

Thorough Gas Grill Cleaning

Anything that remains on your grill over the winter will cause deterioration until spring. This includes food particles, dirt, grease and any other built up debris. Here are some cleaning tips to help you get started:

  • Remove cooking grates, drip tray, heating plates, and warming rack from the grill.
  • Scrape each part with a grill brush, washing with soap and warm water, and drying them thoroughly.
  • Wipe both the inside and outside of the grill to remove debris, grease, and dirt. Use a mild cleaner or one specifically designed to clean grills.
  • Use a paper towel to apply a light coating of cooking oil on cooking grates, heat plates, warming rack, and burners to keep moisture and rust away.
  • Place burners in a plastic bag to prevent insects from crawling inside the burner tube over the winter. This will also prevent uneven cooking as well as flare ups when using it again in the spring.
  • Place the parts back inside the grill and make sure the lid closes well to keep out dust and rodents looking for a cozy place to spend the winter.

Fall Repairs and Maintenance

If the propane grill uses an electronic ignition system, remove the battery before storing it for the winter to prevent corrosion.This is also a great time to do any necessary maintenance. Was there something you needed to fix all year? Now is the time to get it done before it gets buried under snow.

Avoid leaving your grill outside where it can be damaged by ice and snow.

Also make sure that all other components are fitted and are in proper working condition. Otherwise these problems will become worse over time, causing additional damage that can be costly to fix.

Gas Grill Storage

Ideally, the best place for gas grill storage is in a shed or garage to protect it from moisture and debris. But if you don’t have either, bring it to a sheltered location, such as under an awning, that will provide some protection. Just remember to brush and scrape off the snow and ice over the winter.

Propane Tank Storage

In these cases, the safest plan for propane tank storage is to close the valve, disconnect the tank, and store it outdoors in an upright position. If you don’t have enough indoor storage space, a grill cover is a low cost investment that will protect your grill from winter’s harsh conditions. They are usually under $100, depending on the size of your grill. You can leave the propane tank connected, but make sure that the valve is turned off.

Fire Damage Restoration

ServiceMaster Restore is available 24/7 during any fire damage emergency, including from gas grills.

While regular maintenance and cleaning will help to prevent flare ups, snow, ice, and even rodents can destroy parts of the grill, such as the gas tubes, over the winter. But unfortunately, this may not be noticed until the machine is turned on again. If your grill causes a fire due to this damage, don’t hesitate to call for emergency fire damage restoration services after the flames are extinguished.

The professionals of ServiceMaster are available 24/7 throughout the country to provide emergency fire damage cleanup, arriving within 2 hours of your initial call to start the restoration process. With years of experience and ongoing training, they are able to handle commercial and residential properties of all sizes, restoring them to their original conditions in a timely manner.