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Imbroglio – an Astute Description of the Disaster Restoration Business

By Luke Armstrong

Imbroglio Definition

1. A misunderstanding, disagreement, etc., of a complicated or bitter nature between persons or nations.
2. An intricate and perplexing state of affairs; a complicated or difficult situation.
3. A confused heap.
This is an astute description of the disaster restoration business.  Relational imbroglio is natural in the wake of unexpected disasters.  Emotions run high.  Conflicts are common. Finances are stressed.  While our goal is to make sure every claim runs smoothly from beginning to end, this is difficult to expect given the intricate and perplexing state of some losses.

Flood Damage HelpDisaster Restoration

Water and fire damage, vandalism and biohazard scenes, mold and asbestos concerns – all create a ripe environment for misunderstandings, disagreements, and confusion.  Pipes burst while families are on vacation.  Fires destroy cherished belongings.  Problems are unavoidable as disasters disrupt life.

RestorationMaster is Here to Help is a great resource for reputable disaster restoration services in your area! features ServiceMaster experts for everything from water damage cleaning services to mold remediation and fire restoration services across the nation. Should problems occur in 2012, it is our privilege to respond to your concerns.  No situation is too small or too big.  No crisis is beyond resolution.  One of our core commitments to you is to make things right whenever imbroglios occur.

By Tim Magnuson
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